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The Link Between Video Games and General Behavior Among Young Adults (Research Paper Sample)


Research about The Link Between Video Games and General Behavior Among Young Adults.


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The Link Between Video Games and General Behavior Among Young Adults
The popularity of video games among youngsters has skyrocketed in recent years thanks to technological advancements. Whether at school or at home, children are often glued to screens and virtual gaming headsets. The bottom line is that video games and young adults are inseparable. Due to the immersive nature of this kind of entertainment, psychologists are convinced that both violent and non-violent games generate behavioral effects on youngsters (Jones et al. 2). Analysts are, however, torn between the positivity and negativity of these impacts. Some of the existing literature supports the hypothesis that video games improve behavior, mental health, and overall well-being. Other researchers have contrasted this perspective on the grounds that this form of entertainment is closely related to aggression and other forms of deviant behavior. The purpose of this research is to investigate both premises and weigh their validity. Most importantly, examining whether a link exists between playing video games and significant behavior change is the core of this study. The investigation puts young adults at the center of discussion as they are the most exposed to digital gaming habits. Considering that playing video games is the new norm, it is vital for parents to understand how these new practices affect the upbringing of their young ones. Using secondary data analysis research method, the researcher explored the subject matter and made particular findings. Some reviewed sources provided empirical evidence that video gaming produces desirable influences on adolescent behavior. Most of these references discussed the benefits of digital gaming on strong interpersonal relationships, good emotions, feelings of accomplishment, engagement, and meaning. Other resources, however, highlighted the negative impacts of video games on youngers’ behavior. Authors under the latter category examined the link between gaming and aggression, loss of control, loss of empathy, and interpersonal sensitivity. Overall, there was convincing evidence regarding the behavioral influences of video games. The researcher relied on these results to conclude that video games can shape young people’s thoughts in either a positive or negative way.
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Abstract PAGEREF _Toc25085997 \h 1Introduction PAGEREF _Toc25085998 \h 5Objectives and Research Questions PAGEREF _Toc25085999 \h 6Methodology PAGEREF _Toc25086000 \h 7Quality Control PAGEREF _Toc25086001 \h 8Ethical Considerations PAGEREF _Toc25086002 \h 9Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc25086003 \h 10Positive Effects of Video Gaming on Behavior PAGEREF _Toc25086004 \h 10Positive Emotion PAGEREF _Toc25086005 \h 11Engagement PAGEREF _Toc25086006 \h 12Relationships PAGEREF _Toc25086007 \h 13Sense of Accomplishment PAGEREF _Toc25086008 \h 14Meaning PAGEREF _Toc25086009 \h 16Negative Effects of Video Gaming on Behavior PAGEREF _Toc25086010 \h 16Aggression PAGEREF _Toc25086011 \h 17Loss of Control PAGEREF _Toc25086012 \h 18Loss of Empathy PAGEREF _Toc25086013 \h 19Depression PAGEREF _Toc25086014 \h 20Delinquency PAGEREF _Toc25086015 \h 21Discussion PAGEREF _Toc25086016 \h 22Main Findings and Implications PAGEREF _Toc25086017 \h 23Study Limitations PAGEREF _Toc25086018 \h 24Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc25086019 \h 25Works Cited PAGEREF _Toc25086020 \h 26

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