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Ontario Electric Power Generation Engineering Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The paper looks at the history and geographical attribute of power generation in Ontario Canada


Ontario Electric Power Generation
Electric power generation is an important aspect in the growth of the society. The principles governing the electricity generation were introduced in the 1820s and 30s by Michael Faraday who was a British Scientist. Canada’s electric power generation has played a significant role in the economic and political growth in the country. This paper seeks to delve deeper into the history, types and geographical attribute of power generation in Canada specifically the province of Ontario.
1 Introduction
The history of electric power generation is extensive. After Michael Faraday discovered ways of generating electricity, people started generating electricity for commercial purposes in 1870. It was during the same year that the mechanical production of electricity initiated the second industrial revolution which brought a new dynamic in inventions. The history of electricity generation in Canada is extensive and complicated. A province like Ontario first introduced its Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario in 1906. It was publicly owned and relied on electricity generated by private companies. However, the commission was able to generate its own electricity after the acquisition of a privately owned station. Prior to this, people relied on coal burning to generate electricity.
The idea of using Niagara Falls to generate electricity was first introduced in 1888. This was after the Niagara Park Commission managed to acquire permission to build an electric scenic railway. However, it was only until 1982 that permission was granted. This led to an influx of privately owned companies that were seeking permission to use the hydropower to generate

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