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How Technology Application Enhances Young EFL Learners Speaking Skills (Research Proposal Sample)


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How technology application enhances young EFL learners speaking skills.
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The use of technology in the classroom has become an increasingly important tool in the education system. The application of technology not only provides an engaging and interactive learning environment, but can also be used to improve the speaking skills of young learners learning English as a second language.
Aim of the study
The purpose of this research proposal is to examine the effectiveness of the application of technology in improving the speaking skills of young learners learning English as a second language.
Problem statement
The question to be addressed in this research proposal is how the application of technology can improve the speaking skills of young learners of English as a Foreign Language (EFL). This study examines the most effective application of technology that will help improve speaking skills and it can be effectively integrated into classroom practice to maximize speaking skill development. It will also analyze how this technology will affect the young EFL learners' ability to communicate orally in English and gain confidence in their speaking skills.
Research questions
The research questions that this proposal seeks to answer are:
(1) What is the impact of the application of technology on the ability of young EFL learners to communicate orally in English?
(2) What are the advantages and disadvantages of using technology applications to improve the speaking skills of young learners?
(3) What strategies can be adopted to effectively incorporate technology applications into lesson plans?
(4) Explore the possibilities of using technology in teaching speaking skills to young EFL learners.
Significance of Research
This study will identify some of the benefits and challenges of using technology, and also analyze how technology use affect the speaking abilities of EFL learners . Research shows that traditional language teaching methods are effective in improving language learning. Many recent studies have also indicated that the use of technology is becoming increasingly popular among language learners. These studies show that technology has helped improve the young learner’s motivation, engagement and attitudes towards learning.
This research proposal will compare the speaking skills of students who have access to technology-based learning activities with those of students who do not. It will examine the influence of technology applications on the accuracy and fluency of the speaking skills of young EFL learners. It will analyze examine the extent to which technology application can improve speaking skills, the factors influencing the use of technology application, the types of activities that are most effective in improving speaking skills and any differences between the use of technology application across different language levels. It will also explore the integration of technology in the classroom and how this can enhance the learning environment. Interaction often has been a major steppingstone for development in any human oral skills, as a first also as a second language. To investigate that rising phenomenon, we will be investigating different communities to find out how we will be looking into how developed some of the vocabulary in those communities are, also how modern technology communities tend to draw the base line for EFL learners speaking skills which is the most important skill to use in verbal communication. This study examines the development of EFL learners and their language skills as a result of participation in gaming 

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