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Mental Suffering Project Proposal (Research Proposal Sample)


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Program Proposal
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Program Proposal
Mental suffering challenges such as stress, abuse of substance, anxiety, and depression are common influential factors affecting staffs at the workplace. Additionally, these factors have the significant impact on workplace through increased costs, reduced productivity and increased absenteeism. In the various modern workplace, some workers may encounter mental disorder, but the organization managing executive may not be in a position to realize such problem within the workplace (Bassman, 1992). Mental disorder may be regarded as the kind of suffering that derails proper functioning of an individual in traditional life perspective (Ibid, 1992).
Moreover, this kind of pain may be attributed to different factors, which may include genetically, biological, psychological and environmental factors. Furthermore, it is regarded as the dangerous illness that can have a significant impact on the performance of the employees and thus contributing to the failure of the company. Many workers diagnosed with mental suffering experienced stigmatization and social exclusion challenges from their colleague workers within the organization (Great Britain, 1996). Therefore, it is critically hard for such people to freely interact and share ideas with the sober workmates, hence promoting weak organization relationship that kills work motivation. Besides, they encounter bad attitudes raised by their colleague, and thus developing neglect and rejection feelings. Therefore, this proposal evaluates a program initiative that aims in helping staff diagnosed with the mental disorder at a workplace to execute their duties, which then will boost the success and productivity of the firm (Ibid, 1996).
Purpose of the program
The program focuses on the provision of excellent services to health care, which encourages the life quality of the staffs who are mentally suffering. Useful services for medical help in maintaining the dignity and integrity of the workers to empower them to offer their strengths on achieving the goals of the business. Similarly, it will ensure eradication of social exclusion and stigmatization on the mentally suffering staffs, thus endorsing healthy and good relation in various workplaces to promote the success of the organization (Harder, Wagner & Rash, 2016).  Mentally suffering personnel always encounters various exclusion forms and stigmatization, which mainly destroys their working morale within the company. Therefore, through an adoption of the specialty behavioral, mental health program, the management executive can effectively eliminate mental disorders of the employee within the organization (Ibid, 2016).
Target audience
The primary audience targeted to be the beneficiary of the program includes the trade union employees, professional of mental health, occupational health professions, human resource personnel, employees and the employers. However, the program majorly focuses on regulatory plans within the workplace of a person, rather than the policies of the country on the various work environment.
Benefits of the program
The importance of the specialty care program has been highlighted since the endorsement of the management care on mental suffering on employees. Accordingly, it is purported that the program is effective in not only declining the stigmatization of mentally ill workers but also on the care access improvement. Behavioral, mental health specialty program offers recovery services that are significant to the person who is critically mental ill. It has been revealed that the program of specialty care through the Medicaid behavioral management health care, registered high rates of penetration of about 11% in comparison to 5.6% of the HDIS presented on the Medicaid. The program of specialty care had the significant impact on the outpatient penetration. Some of the extra advantages of implementing the specialty behavioral health program includes the following;
* There is an extensive access to skilled psychiatric and mental, behavioral health facilitator networks, together with the community-based health organizers, gives the affected employee and the executive personnel different options of providers on which they can choose from.
* Highly experienced mental health professional offers maximization management in the program of specialty and is efficient in handling cost reduction of the organization while improving the situation of the affected employee.
* The mental, behavioral experts through this program, is involved in all services offered to the affected employee such as consultation, data management, reporting and clinical and thus allowing the organization to evaluate the necessary data and make good decisions.
* The capability to help the team in reinvesting in behavioral health providing systems promotes alternative services for the business in effectively handling the mental disorders.
Cost and budget justification
The budget plan of this program puts more emphasis on the organization to invest in the strategies that will mainly improve the health care of the mentally suffering employees. Besides, it allows the Human Resource Manager to establish significant procedures in cooperating reforms of mental health care and improve access to the health care the suffering employees at the workplace, which in turn will promote the quality of the organization’s production. The budget of implementing this program is cheap and affordable for the various group. The budget of the program will be categorized in the following groups.
* Grants and service contracts: This will comprise of all money that will be offered to other institutions or behavioral, mental health services providers to incorporate program services to the affected employees. For example, giving sub-grants to any health service provider to offer to guide and concealing on the mentally affected employees.
* Training and workshops: comprise all the cost that has to be spent by the organization in organizing, and conducting training functions, conferences, seminars, and workshops so as to make the whole staff to be informed on the matters concerning mental illness. This will include costs on the translation fee, travel expenses, equipment and participant resources.
* Program activities: Comprises the expenses incurred for activities that are not related teaching activities of the program implementation in the organization. For example, conducting research, local partner’s coordination, organizing educational functions, and grants to the affected employees.
* Program monitoring, measurement, and evaluation of the outcomes: Entails the control expenses of the program, outcome measurement cost and assessment practices. Therefore, activities such as translation costs, survey designs, database development, and visit monitoring expen

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