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Topic: Career Management Recommendation Summary (Research Proposal Sample)


Career Management Recommendation
Imagine you are an HR associate. Your task is to make a recommendation to your corporations’ CEO to establish a Career Management Program (this can be the CEO of your company, or of a hypothetical company; if you prefer, you can imagine I am the CEO you are proposing this to). The recommendation should be focused on a specific topic that is relevant to the organization and would enhance it through implementation of your proposal.The Career Management Recommendation should be of sufficient length to cover the subject, but thorough in your answers. Even if you do not know numbers, such as budget, put them in; I don't check for authenticity, but it makes your proposal stronger. You also should have at least two peer-reviewed sources to support some points made (why your proposed action is valid, the problem you've identified, etc.). Be sure to add appendices to strengthen and support your recommendation


Career Management Recommendation
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Executive Summary
Skill gap is the greatest challenge to many workers in different organizations. Organizations are always determined to hire people with the necessary skills to fill vacant jobs, but sometimes getting completely skilled ones is never easy. Lack of sufficient skills and knowledge can lead to poor quality output, damages, and preventable workplace accidents. These factors are costly to the company. Our company has been experiencing less quality output and related challenges because of the existing human capital. Lack of employee training and development has incurred the company a lot of losses, which includes loosing customer loyalty to well performing competitors, increased employee turnover, and legal cases for failing to meet minimum production standards. The solution to these problems is introducing employee training and development program. It has been useful to many organizations. The program allows management to identify knowledge and skills they want employees to have. It provides employees with new and advanced skills to improve quality and level of output. Introducing employee training and development program will reduce the cost of re-hiring. Training the existing employees is cost-saving than rehiring. Besides, trainings, coaching, and mentorship help the company to produce top talent employees, necessary to help it achieve its target and goals.
Career Management Recommendation
Career management program is important for corporations as it helps employees improve their knowledge and skills essential for improving productivity in the organization. As a Human Resource associate, I want to recommend employee training and development program to my corporation’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Employee training and development is an important process that employers can utilize and help their employees access training programs to improve and develop skills and knowledge. The skills and knowledge gained allow employees do their jobs in an efficient and successful manner CITATION Cas19 \l 1033 (Castellon, 2019). The program also helps them progress in their careers. Employee development I recommend for the team should entail training sessions, leadership mentoring, and coaching. Training and mentoring sessions would involve taking employees through communication skills, marketing skills, leadership skills, organizational management skills, among other soft skills important for career development.
Employee training and development will positively impact our corporations in many ways. Corporations prosper through continuous training of employees. The best thing is always for organizations that welcome development. Training and development program not only provide opportunities for employees to improve their skills and knowledge, but also for corporations’ management to improve company culture and productivity CITATION Mar21 \l 1033 (Maryville., 2021). Additionally, the program reduces employee turnover. The organization would not have to continuously replace new employees. This is because staff that receive consistent opportunities to advance their skills are more likely to stay in the organization CITATION Mar21 \l 1033 (Maryville., 2021). This initiative would lower the cost of re-hiring new employees.
Moreover, training and development is one of the key factors for employee engagement, which is vital for organization. Engagement motivates staff to remain committed to the company, thus, enhancing productivity and more revenue generation. Studies reveal that highly engaged employees have about 22% higher productivity CITATION Cas19 \l 1033 (Castellon, 2019). Therefore, introducing employee training and development would cultivate the feeling of involvement among employees.
* History of employee training and development
In the past years our company has been struggling in terms of productivity and employee retention because we have never had the best human capital. Lack of sufficient skills and knowledge have been preventing the company from producing quality products and services. Less quality goods and services have lowered the company’s market competitiveness. Quality is key for every business entity since it is critical for customer satisfaction and retaining their loyalty. It has been hard for our company to match our competitors. Their quality output enables them to charge and maintain higher prices while still attracting more customers. Most of those organizations have invested in employee training development program.
The company has also incurred much costs while trying to get highly skilled employees, all ending with nothing effective. Besides, we have lost many determined employees who left the company for our great competitors. Most of them have become very fruitful due to training CITATION Pea20 \l 1033 (Peacock et al., 2020).
* Symptoms vs. Causes
In the recent days there have been complaints from our employees and those who leave us. The complaints are centered on the company’s inability to assist employees improve their career goals. According to them, the company requires them to produce beyond the capacity yet they are not given the opportunity to acquire relevant skills. Most of our employees are less motivated because they are not involved in development measures necessary to improve their careers and goals CITATION Lar21 \l 1033 (Larry, 2021). Mentorship programs and training sessions are essential for development, things that they are hardly associated with.
The current culture in organization has changed staff behaviors. Some of the things that have changed are reduction in motivation, decline in individual employee productivity, an increase in workplace accidents, increased absence, high levels of work related stress. Employees are developing stress because the company expects them to meet certain production requirements yet they lack important sufficient skills. Besides, insufficient training and orientation to handle production equipment is the reason for increased workplace accidents.
* Cost Implications
A firm has to spend a lot of time and money looking for the best employees, but this is not yet the end to the company’s need. Training these employees is an important part that the company has to consider. It must invest a lot of money to ensure proper training or else there will be employee turnover or sloppy work, something that would force the company to repeat the entire process of searching for the top talent CITATION Smi21 \l 1033 (Smith, 2021). The average cost of training an employee is $2,000 and the cost of hiring a new employee is about $5,000. The high cost of hiring a new employee goes beyond paying salary. It is contributed by expenses in job advertisement, pre-employment background checks, conducting interviews, among others.
Training the existing employees would not only reduce costs of rehiring process, but also prevent the costs that are likely to result from damages and workplace accidents. In case of accidents, the company would have to spend a lot on employee treatment. Besides, damage or mishandling of production machine due to lack of skills would lower productivity and increase expenses in terms of machine replacement or repair. The benefits of training employees outweigh costs. So, the company should increase HR budget of conducting training and development program.
* Legal Implication
There are legal risks of hiring less skilled employees. First, production of poor quality products puts the company at legal risk. Inability to meet the legal standards of production can make the firm to loose marketing license, and this is a great loss CITATION Agu09 \l 1033 (Aguinis & Kraiger , 2009). Secondly, it is an obligation of organizations to take their employees through the process of production and help them understand how technical equipment work. This would prevent avoidable accidents. In case of accidents, the company would be held re

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