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Five (5) Leadership Styles Related To The Office Environment (Research Proposal Sample)


I need a research paper written including AN outline and bibliography. i would like for you to use Mcdonalds or Wendys as the company. The additional instructions ARE attached. Please read carefully. 5 pages for the body and 1 page for the bibliography.
Discuss Five (5) Leadership styles related to the Office Environment. (10pts)
2pts each
Discuss six (6) consequences of poor leadership styles within the workplace.
(12pts) 2pts each
Mention the causes and effects of three (3) poor leadership styles, and how it affects employee motivation in the office environment give examples. (12pts)
2pts each
Explain the best practices the company is following and provide three (3) recommendations of leadership styles that are most effective to increase productivity in the workplace. (15 pts)
PLEASE NOTE: Each student is to carefully follow the guidelines as THE project will be graded based on INSTRUCTIONS, CONTENT, GRAMMAR, SPELLING, AND PRESENTATION.


LeadershipStudent’s NameInstitutional AffiliationInstructor’s NameCourseDate
Leadership style
Generally, with regards to driving, spurring, directing, and overseeing groups, a leadership style can be characterized as its own arrangement of ways of behaving. Strong leaders can start political developments and cultural change. They can motivate others to perform, develop, and invent. In other words, a person's leadership style is a classification of how they act when leading a team.
Five Leadership Styles as It Relates to The Office Environment
Generally, leadership styles such as personality types are not easily categorizable. A set of traits like self-determination and adaptability can be used to classify them. Focus and concentration are essential for influential leaders to keep their teams on track for success (Olanrewaju et al. 2019). They can focus on a single task for extended periods without getting distracted. Understandably, leaders who put all their energy into one project may be unable to go forward. Having a big-picture perspective can enhance the effectiveness of specific leadership skills. It is not uncommon for forward-looking executives to iterate on a concept without losing sight of the big picture. In the actual world, leadership styles will incorporate elements from each category and adapt to the business context.

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