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The Effect of Online Games on Children Social Behavior, Personality, and Health (Research Proposal Sample)


write a research proposal on: The Effect of Online Games on Children Social Behavior, Personality, and Health


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Table of Contents
1. Introduction
Problem statement
Statement of research objectives
Definition of terms
2. Literature review
Importance of factors being asked
Current status of the topic
Relationship between the literature and problem statement
New factors
Management theory applied
3. Research Design & Methods
Research designs
Data collection plans.
Proposed analysis of data
4. Implications and limitations of the study
Appendices 2
Problem statement: In today’s world, with the stout impact of digitalization, globalization and social media, advertising is transforming. Many organizations are using social media to advertise their product in order to attract and let the existing and prospective customers know about a service, product or business. Therefore, organizations are using the internet and world web to advertise their product.
This includes Facebook, Twitter, You tube, Instagram which offers advertisers prospects such as involving consumers and enriching the brand reputation and its image. Businesses can also have talks with their clients via social media. It also encourages progressive brand views, enhances client relationship management and the announcing of a new product or services by enterprises. Consequently, use of social media in advertising should be for almost all companies. Unfortunately, the challenge with the use of social in advertising is creating a good marketing strategy for online advertisement. So in this research paper, I am going to analyze the important elements of a social media strategy which will help firms improve their advertising strategy. Statement of research objectives: The aim of the study is to explore the effectiveness of advertising through social media. In addition the purpose of the study is to help firms improve their advertising strategy to help firms increase their sales and profits.
Elements of social media marketing strategy
* Identify business goals
* Set marketing objectives
* Identify ideal clients
* Research competition
* Choose channels and tactics
H1: Having the right social media media marketing strategy help a business to connect successfully with its customers.
H2: Identifying business goals and setting marketing objectives helps improve the social media advertisement.
H3. If companies identify ideal customers and do research they will have positive outcomes.
Definition terms
-Social media; It is a group of connected communications networks which is reserved to public grounded input, content sharing, interaction and teamwork.
-Brand image; This is impression in the consumers’ thoughts about a brand.
- Advertising; It is a visual or audio method of marketing which involves the use of openly sponsored, message to sell or promote a product ,service or business.
- Twitter; It is a micro blogging site which enables registered users to air their tweets
- Facebook; Refers to a social networking site which allows users to upload pictures and videos, create profiles and send messages
-Advertising effectiveness; This is how well a business’ advertising achieves its plan.
SMART-Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely
Summary This research will major on explaining the essential elements of social media marketing strategy. This will help business develop useful online marketing strategy. This enhances creating more awareness to the public thus attracting more customers. It will also promote firms managers the essentials elements of social media marketing.
2. Literature Review
A. Importance of factors being asked: There are numerous articles which have discussed the essential elements of social media strategy.
Name Business Goals
This involves looking at the company overall needs and deciding how you want to use social media to promote in achieving them. This enables one to come up with personalized goals which are realistic, achievable, measurable, timely and specific. The strategy should involve how they are planning to increase the brand awareness, retain the customers and reduce the marketing cost.
Establish Marketing Objectives
They define how a company will get from unfilled goal to productively filled goal. The SMART approach can determine the objectives. One should ensure the objectives are related to the businesses over all vision
Identify Ideal consumers
This involves knowing your target audience’s profession, lifestyles, impediments, dislikes, likes, incentives, age, complaints and their level of income. At that point it is cheaper and easier to target them on social media. The more specific the business is, the more the alterations they are going to get out of the channels to promote their business.
Research Competition
Compile a list of at least three to five competitors and examine the social media they are employing and evaluate their subject strategy. As well pay interest to the variety of content they are advertising and its perspective. This helps how a business to plan in order to outdo its competitor
Decide on Channels and Tactics
Businesses should find out the best platform which conveys greatest earnings. They can use the customer personalities to decide the best platform to use. The tactics of every social media channels depend on the goals and objectives the business has set.
B. Current status of the topic The topic of effect of social media in advertising shows a wide interest within researchers as several researches have been conducted in different countries on this country. The digital tactics are developing excellently quick reaching at a position where the digital advertising will outdo the television. Social media such as Instagram and snap chat are the best channels to create and raise awareness mostly if your target is the young people. Use of videos has increased as people love to watch videos as it an easier and fast way to get any information. Even with the Facebook usage decreasing, it is still the best social network amongst social media users.
C. Relationship between the literature and problem statement
The literature review was carried out through the efficient valuation of particular articles and journals on effective advertising in the social media area grounded on essential synthesis. In addition, the research will concentrate on discussing the essential elements for social media advertisement.
D. New factors
The content will be effective when you access your audience at their location and talk to them the language, style and tone that they understand.
C. Management theory applied
Getting actual- time Facebook and Instagram advertising metrics for the business in order to create learned decision around the advertising campaigns
Control various brands, projects and campaigns with tagging.
F. Summary
The essential elements that are being studied are the questions asked to customers about the nature of social media advertisement. The questions relate to the effectiveness of social media
3. Research Design & Method
A. Participant and number of samples This research will be targeting a unique generation of people between the ages of 25-50 years old. This is because they are active in social media. A sample of 187 of everyday consumers as it requires a large base of customers.
B. Research design
It will use the descriptive research which will entail collection of data that portrays incidences and then arranges, describes, tabulates and define the information. A survey questionnaire was distributed through the email to daily consumers. The questionnaire will be split into two parts. Part A will entail of questions about consumer’s demographic like the gender, age and level of income. Part B will entail the questions about their view towards the brand employed in the survey and their loyalty to brand will be explored. Considering the research will employ the simple random sampling, 187 individuals will be approached to fill the questionnaire. They will be first asked if they use social media to buy goods and services. The free customers will give accurate data because the busy customers might be too occupied.
Data collection plans:
The study will use the primary data that was gathered using designed questionnaires dispersed to the 187 customers. The ordered questionnaires were gathered after they were completed by the respondents the same day they were distributed. Their answers were applied in analysis.
Validity and Reliability
Validity refers to the level at which a device symbolizes the factors under the research. To accomplish this, the questionnaires will involve variety of queries on the awareness of customers on internet advertising and customer activities. All the respondents will accomplish the questionnaire when the researcher is there. This is to avoid subjects from presenting questionnaires to other individuals to do it on their behalf.
Reliability refers to ‘consistency’. The researcher will be the only one who will administer the questionnaires. All the questionnaires should also have same questions to each respondent. This ensures the consistency of the information collected to ease comparison.
Result of pilot studies
The pilot testing was carried by 15 people. It was revealed that 25 were bit tangled about the logic of the query involving marketing objectives as they were not flawless thus resulting to the queries being rephrased into a vibrant way
* Ethical considerations:
* Only evaluate relevant s...
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