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Investigating Listening Comprehension Problems among Saudi EFL Students at High School (Research Proposal Sample)


task: research proposal
title:Investigating Listening Comprehension Problems among Saudi EFL Students at High School


Investigating Listening Comprehension Problems among Saudi EFL Students at High School
Academic Number
Listening has been proven to be a significant acquisition in understanding languages that are not our own. Little attention has only been given to this specific study area. The research study in question is to put in place efforts to find out the key problem that high school students in Riyadh Saudi Arabia undergo. Some 50 students will be investigated to find out whether they have problems in listening to comprehension.
Twenty of them should be girls while the rest were boys. The feedback of the study will determine the speed speech, orthoepy, dialect, the level of vocabulary and other related stuff experienced by the high school students in Riyadh. The problems will give room to the educators to tackle the problem in the study to enhance listening ability. Hypnotism will be outlined with the main objective of solving the issues of listening to comprehensions and the roles of the instructors towards assisting students to subdue the difficulties in listening.
It is very difficult and inevitable to stay away from languages which are not indigenous to us (Kök, 2017). Listening is a major input for students in general but high school students since listening is an input accomplishment, it plays a cardinal function in Language evolution that one cannot assume. Language accomplishment is obtained through the receipt of a comprehendible input signal. We can argue out that listening and comprehending are two profound essentials in speech. Right ambiance for language acquisition is provided by listening comprehension and aids a major antecedence before the four skill areas for language students in Riyadh (Traxler, & Gernsbacher, n.d.). It is important to note that listening leads to the enhancements of spoken word technique. A bigger percentage of time is invested in passage and receipt of information to and fro’.
It is only through listening whereby ideas are taken into consideration centrality of heeding is mostly used in the communication process to obtain the desired message and feedback respectively. Several studies have brought the fact that accuracy in the skills of taking in the provided content is the most beneficial in comparison to the skills of reading as a contributing factor in academic success. All the levels of academic input provide a listening obligation to every scholar from kindergarten to the university. Therefore this research aims to find out the problems these very students encounter in their academic progress. The listening capability will enhance proper tackling of problems input by the language involved in this context.
Literature review
The complexity of listening and the mental activity involves knowledge retention, attention, and sensing. Some factors may affect the level of listening comprehension .speech rate has been one of the aims of this study and internal knowledge (Enger, Russell, Setzer, & Walkanoff, 1998). Other problematic things that are listener oriented are of the structure of the given texts and the phrase structure to the individual features. This includes inadequate exposure to the obligated language identity, absence of need and concern. The significant of the issues in question contribute to the listener complications and in addition to the levels of knowledge necessities attained by the capacity of relevant textual frameworks.
The unfamiliarity of headings extremely fast rates of speech unknown words and unacquainted accents as some other complications undergone by students in pursuit of knowledge. The length of texts spoken is significant factors of hearing technicalities inclusive of unfamiliar structures in descriptive linguistics (Zhang, 2012). Speaker factors are also influential in that limpidity seems to be an unplumbed causal agent involved in EFL listening problem. The factors that lean on the listener angle include an absence of interests and the call for sufficient feedback to the listening comprehension questions. Other scholars have come to a conclusion that the difficulties involved in listening by students of Riyadh are determined by four fundamental informants: the message, the physical setting, the speaker and finally the listener.
The above closely colligate to agents molding listening comprehension and on the same not associate to the EFL listening. It is quite notable that segmentation of difficult sounds complicates the condition at hand (Smalley, 1996). Compulsion with another other specific languages Interlingua renditions and affiliation of sounds with some articulates and intending contributes on the same. To have that deeper understanding of the contextual framework, it is quite notable that stimulus causative agents also dominate under the influence of the speaker’s attitude. The lack of substandard linguistic cognition brings that problematic implication regarding listening comprehension. Spoken texts appear to be a hazard not only to high school students but also to college students.
The biggest issue that occurs commonly is the theoretical expression and what the students sincerely admit to having understood. It draws more questions than answers majorly because of the confusion of the speakers' content. Words with more than one meaning may confuse the audience taking up an unintended meaning hence having a contrasting perspective of the message. To conclude the review; it seems much evident to outline that the key factors influencing the listening comprehension problems rotate around the four platforms. They include the message itself, speaker, receiver and the medium. That's why this study tries to present components which confront students of Riyadh about listening comprehension troubles.
Significance of the Study
First of all the study offers clarity to the issues that worsen listening comprehension.Instructors begin to realize the complications that high school students undergo in Riyadh and provide a road map to monitor and evaluate a given excerpt (Council, 2015). To learners, the research study gives them a platform for developing new strategies on how to adequately deal with the problem in a query. Curriculum intriguers get the hint off making several advancements in the teaching materials to assist the educatees to grow at an academically oriented angle.
Research Questions
The main objective of the research study is to come up with relevant questions which encompass the following:
* How can the high school students in Riyadh be able to benefit from the listening comprehension?
* When do the students grab the rare opportunity to listen to other foreign languages?
* What acquisitions can be accentuated in their former academic system as language assimilators?
* What strategic plans can the educators employ to provide a backup experience to the students in Riyadh?
* What heeding issues do the learners of EFL face when paying attention to things being spoken?
Research Methodology
To give out a detailed content and answer the provided research questions, the survey method shall be incorporated. The methodology will be a genuine platform for making relevant inferences on the high school students being studied. The sample 50 students steps in to correspond the obligated audience. Survey questions need to be answered under a compilation of 10 items random selection criterion of the students in Riyadh. The components of the survey shall be on the scale of 5. The single question is to be answered at a go before giving room to the high scholars to answer the next one. To avoid unnecessary confusion, the answers shall not be framed in an open-ended manner but only yes/no format.
Ethical Consideration
Surveying will be a focusing methodology as a justification of ethical circumstance.The ability of structural framework of the research questions to offer clarity at a comprehensive angle shall avoid confusion (O'Heren, & Arnold, 1991). The final feedback will have a valuable content with pros fewer cons. Total respect and honor shall give room for freedom of expression and in turn, acquire the desired outcome. Survey questions will not be offensive for respondents’ rights to be interfered with. Consideration of the highest order to their privacy shall be upheld so that the autonomy of trustworthiness is built and improved amongst the parties involved. No forceful survey will be taken without the students of consent as per their confidentiality.
Limitations of the Study
In-depth understanding is an issue arising from the quantitative methodology hence quantitative criterion should be used. The sampled picked to act as exhibit cannot promote a more generalized result that can be depended on and to curb this relativel...
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