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Research Essay Pitch: William Shakespeare's Work (Research Proposal Sample)


Research Essay Pitch and Research Essay: Before you submit the Research Essay, you will pitch your idea for it as the Research Essay Pitch assignment. Please make sure to read the directions for that assignment carefully. The Research Essay Pitch is not a draft of the Research Essay. Once you receive feedback on the Research Essay Pitch, you should then apply that feedback to the Research Essay. The Research Essay Pitch is one to two pages. You should also include a title page, references, and in-text citations based on the specific assignment directions.
Research Essay Pitch
Often times when writers have a work they are interested in creating, they will have to pitch that work to a publication. For example, let's say you wanted to pitch an article to Newsweek or Rolling Stone. In order to get published in these publications, you would have to contact an editor and pitch your idea to the editor. If the editor and publication is interested in your work, they would then hire you to write the article. You will be doing the same basic thing in this unit before you write the Research Essay in the coming unit. The feedback you receive on the Research Essay Pitch should also help you figure out if the focus and approach you have taken to the research essay is correct.
The American Psychological Association offers a great article on "The Elevator Pitch," which is essentially what you will be doing in this assignment.
Gaffey, A. (2014). The elevator pitch. American Psychological Association.
A look ahead at the Unit 7 Research Essay and Rubric: Authors and Eras.


William Shakespeare's Works
William Shakespeare's Works
My proposed research will look at Shakespeare's works, which he wrote from around the 1590s onwards. The traditional style of the day influenced how William Shakespeare wrote his works. He wrote them in a stylized linguistic manner that never sprung logically from the needs of the characters or the performance (Logan, 2016). The poetry is contingent on protracted, sometimes intricate, metaphors and conceits pervaded by rhetorical language — inscribed for actors to declaim as opposed to speaking. Some of the movie renditions and live productions of Shakespeare's works are among the best in the entertainment and literature world.
I will approach the topic by analyzing the objective of the poetic works Shakespeare wrote. The first step in my research on Shakespeare will be achieved through studying works from scholars with a solid background in both literature and precisely in William's works. Since his works are in a hard to understand archaic language, I will focus on both the original and the translated versions. I propose to structure the essay simply and understandably. The introduction will contain a brief description of Shakespeare's background and what influenced his art and style. The body of the essay will have numerous examples venerating my area of focus. Additionally, the research will also utilize modern representations of Shakespeare's plays, whether in movie interpretations of those plays or field expeditions to live Shakespearean productions.
Typically, most, if not all, of William Shakespeare's works were written for theatre and not for textbook reading (Fox, 2017). Reading the texts is problematic for the contemporary reader due to language, setting differences, and style of writing. Shockingly, nonetheless, most schools around the globe still teach literature founded on these plays. I believe that teaching these plays to be read rather than acted is wrong. For instance, the stories of Othello and Lago depict love, jealousy, envy, and ambition in such a manner that it would be more thrilling if acted than reading like textbooks. Watching the play reincarnates the words and makes one "feel alive" with the characters. Watching Shakespeare's works performed on a live stage makes it less difficult to understand (Busler, 2018). Even when the plays are acted and enunciated in the original language without modern language translations, one imbibes more than the gist, especially in their perfect long stretches. The evidence of this is in the blank verses in the works. In schools, students find it challenging to comprehend Shakespeare's literature as they are put off by unavoidably having to gaze at blank verses, not knowing what they mean.

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