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Effects of Staff Motivation on Nursing Performance (Research Proposal Sample)


This was a masters research mapper for from the department of nursing for a masters degree. it was required to be original, well presented and in APA format.
The paper had to be well structured according to the guidelines of research proposal and APA format, will the correct headings and references.


This research will aim to determine the effect of staff motivation on nursing performance in Kenyatta national hospital (KNH), a national referral hospital in Nairobi, Kenya. This study will aim at assessing the level of motivation among the hospital's nurses, an establishment of the techniques/tools used by the hospital leadership to motivate those nurses as well as how the nurses perceive the extrinsic and intrinsic motivational tools/factors as well as the patient's opinions in the performance of the nurses.

Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 1CHAPTER ONE PAGEREF _Toc41764274 \h 21.1INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND PAGEREF _Toc41764275 \h 21.1.1Background of the study PAGEREF _Toc41764276 \h 21.1.2Statement of the problem PAGEREF _Toc41764277 \h 21.1.3Objectives of the research PAGEREF _Toc41764278 \h 21.1.4Research questions PAGEREF _Toc41764279 \h 21.1.5Significance of the study PAGEREF _Toc41764280 \h 21.1.6Justification of the study PAGEREF _Toc41764281 \h 21.1.7Scope of the study PAGEREF _Toc41764282 \h 21.1.8Problems and limitations of the study PAGEREF _Toc41764283 \h 21.1.9Organization of the concept paper PAGEREF _Toc41764284 \h 22CHAPTER TWO PAGEREF _Toc41764285 \h 22.1LITERATURE REVIEW, THEORETICAL /CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK PAGEREF _Toc41764286 \h 22.1.1Introduction PAGEREF _Toc41764287 \h 22.1.2Definition of Motivation PAGEREF _Toc41764288 \h 22.1.3Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc41764289 \h 22.1.4Theoretical framework of motivation: PAGEREF _Toc41764290 \h 22.1.5Conceptual framework of motivation PAGEREF _Toc41764291 \h 23CHAPTER THREE PAGEREF _Toc41764292 \h 23.1RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODOLOGY PAGEREF _Toc41764293 \h 23.1.1Introduction PAGEREF _Toc41764294 \h 23.1.2Research Design PAGEREF _Toc41764295 \h 23.1.3Study geographical area PAGEREF _Toc41764296 \h 23.1.4Target Population PAGEREF _Toc41764297 \h 23.1.5Data collection methods PAGEREF _Toc41764298 \h 23.1.6Pre-testing PAGEREF _Toc41764299 \h 23.1.7Data analysis PAGEREF _Toc41764300 \h 23.1.8Reliability and validity of research design PAGEREF _Toc41764301 \h 23.1.9Ethical Considerations PAGEREF _Toc41764302 \h 24References PAGEREF _Toc41764303 \h 2
KNH:Kenyatta National Hospital
SME:Small and Medium Enterprises
BRRI:Building & Road Research Institute
SEM:Structural Equation Modeling
AMOS:Analysis of Moment Structures
SPSS:Statistical Package for the Social Sciences
TOC \h \z \c "Figure" Figure 2.1 Conceptual Framework (Source: Developed for this research 2020) PAGEREF _Toc41774985 \h 23
Figure 3.1 Types of research designs. (Source: PAGEREF _Toc41774986 \h 25
The research paper will review the effect of staff intrinsic and extrinsic motivation elements on the nursing performance on the Kenyan health system in the case of KNH. This chapter serves as an introductory element of the study, beginning with the study background, the problem statement, and the objectives of the research. The justifications and significance of this study are presented, the study scope, and finally, the definition of key elements used in the research.
Background of the study
Motivation is the stimulant reason why movements of any humans or organisms occur. Through motivation, employees maintain their commitments to their workplace due to the commitment they have, which makes them do their work joyfully and seriously. The presence of high degree motivational factors in an organization is the key to the success of the employees and organization.
Through motivation, an explanation is done on the distinctiveness between employees with equal talents, opportunities, and abilities to perform their jobs in similar organizations under equal conditions of employment with similar facilities but show different performances. Under this circumstance, the employees are required to insert more efforts on the roles they are supposed to undertake hence improving productively, and this is brought about by positively motivated employees in the organization according to (Oostheizen, 2006)
According to (Unteweger et al., 2008), the implementation of strategies that lead to concurrent improvement is made successful through conceptualizing on the motivation factor and increased job satisfaction factors. According to a research done by (Deal and Bolman, 2009), employees show their dissatisfaction in their work through rebellion, absenteeism and negative attitudes and this impacts their job performance leading tow productivity .on the other hand, with job satisfaction, employees effectively utilize their skills giving benefit to the organization. Based on the research, it's evident that job satisfaction is crucial for the employees as well as the organization they are working from.
Employees possess extrinsic and intrinsic needs according to (Mustafa, 2013), intrinsically motivated employees perform their jobs with satisfaction an outcome of self-actualization and accomplishment while extrinsically motivated employees do their jobs to acquire rewards like salaries .these two factors are both crucial since they influence the employee behaviors.
Hence, organizations like hospitals should focus on building and enhancing extrinsic motivations for their workers, especially the nurses, to deliver the healthcare services effectively while also giving intrinsic motivation to them while also helping in service delivery improvement in the organization.
In spite of the significance of the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation variables on the performance of employees, their influence on the healthcare workers is less known in the African context, especially in Kenya, precisely the extent to which staff motivation affect the nursing performance in the healthcare facilities especially KNH.
Statement of the problem
Employees that are motivated and well pleased tend to offer services that are exceptional to the organization leading to outstanding results. According to (Linn et al., 2006), it is difficulty for the patient’s needs to be met by the nurses if the personal needs of those nurses are not met and satisfied. Hence (Oladotum, 2013) suggests that hospital management should take responsibility for maintaining their nurses’ welfare, which will accompany excellence in service delivery to the patients since this motivation is what they need for a positive productivity shift.
Research done by (Stanoki,2010) proved that the ability to understand employees' needs and wants is the initial stage of strategy designing to involve them in the creation of hospital experience resulting in not only good outcomes but also a patient's positive experience. It is therefore crucial for organizations that are service-oriented like hospitals to understand what motivates their employees in the system and, most importantly, understand that employees' motivation affects their performance
according to (Franco,2006).
In Kenya, media reports show that the healthcare industry is worsening, especially in public hospitals, accompanied by poor professional performance. According to (the standard, 2018), the reasons for the deteriorating performance in these hospitals in Kenya is due to lack of enough motivation to the hospital staff especially working conditions that are weak and low salary levels hence the need for examination of Effects of staff motivation on nursing performance in Kenyan hospitals considering the existing and changing environment.
Numerous studies in other sectors regarding the relationship between motivation and performance have been conducted, for instance; (Oltuah, 2008) looked at the construction industry ;( Nelson, 2009) researched on the SME in Sweden ;( olatadum, 2014) looked at education sector in Arusha Tanzania. The outcome of these studies indicate that performance is determined by the levels of motivation amongst the workers .these motivational factors are both internal and external and should be the key focus while encouraging better performance from employees by motivation.
It is important to note that these studies were done outside Kenya; however, there were some which were done in the country on the same sector like (Onyango, 2006) focused his study on lower level facilities like the level 3 hospitals;(Wafula et al., 2007) used qualitative methods to review the performance of doctors focusing on the western region of the country while the most recent by (Kamau, 2019), was focused on the health system’s general workforce crisis.
Therefore, there is an existence of a gap in understanding how staff motivation affects nursing performance. Thus this research will bridge the gap by examining the effect of staff motivation on the nursing performance in the case of Kenyatta National Hospital.
Objectives of the research
General objective
The objective of the study is to determine the Effects of staff motivation on nursing performance in KNH.
Specific objectives
These are some specific objectives which will guide the general aim of the study, which include:
1 To access the motivation levels of nurses in Kenyatta national hospital
2 To determine the motivational tools or techniques used by...

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