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Spatio-Temporal Distribution Mapping of Zooplankton Density (Research Proposal Sample)


the task it to make a Research Proposal. the proposal that i made is entitled "Spatio-Temporal Distribution Mapping of Zooplankton Density in Relation to Chlorophyll-a Content Satellite Data in the Coastal Waters of Biliran, Leyte through GIS and Remote Sensing".
The project encompassess biological and environmental assessments that would take place in the coastal waters of Biliran. The fishery production of the province was observed to have fluctuated in the past years and these changes can be attributed to the changing biophysical conditions of the marine environment. Because of their significant role in trophic level organization and ocean productivity, zooplankton and chlorophyll-a content of the ocean would serve as potential indicators of these variations in spatial and temporal scales. The visualization and mapping of these parameters, using GIS and remote sensing data, will serve as a reference for environmentalists and decision makers to provide strategic designs for preservation and protection of the ocean water of the province. This will also help in integrating conservation efforts and management plans on the water areas exposed to anthropogenic stress and eutrophication.
Specifically, this project also aims to describe the spatial distribution of zooplankton in the coastal waters of Biliran, to determine the chlorophyll-a content and physicochemical parameters of the coastal waters, to correlate the abundance and distribution of zooplankton and chlorophyll-a content, and finally, to create a map that would visualize the spatial distribution of zooplankton in relation to chlorophyll-a content.


Research Proposal: Spatio-Temporal Distribution Mapping of Zooplankton Density in Relation to Chlorophyll-a Content Satellite Data in the Coastal Waters of Biliran, Leyte through GIS and Remote Sensing
Marine ecosystems are composed of energy flow dynamics that maintain the optimum condition, and the productivity of the aquatic environment (Wetzel 2001; Gulati et al. 1982). Plankton are considered as the base of the aquatic food web and they occupy certain marine habitats which account to their density and dynamics. Animal-like plankton or most commonly known as zooplankton are significantly essential for secondary production and energy turn-over in the coastal ecosystems (Aquino et al., 2008). They are heterotrophic minute-sized animals floating and swimming in oceans, they are grazers of phytoplankton, the primary producers, and they serve as food for small fishes and other higher level trophic organisms. Thus, zooplankton are important operators of the secondary production in the aquatic food chain (Hopcroft and Roff, 1998).
Chlorophyll-a is the primary pigment for photosynthesis. It absorbs energy from the wavelengths of blue and red and reflects energy from the wavelength of green. Also, It determines the photosynthetic capacity of primary producers and hence, its growth (Li et al., 2018).Chlorophyll-a are utilized as parameters for water quality assessments. Eutrophication which often leads to an increase in algal biomass and decrease in dissolved oxygen can be measured through the amount of chlorophyll-a within a body of water (Perez-Ruzafa, 2019).In addition, the productivity of the ocean can be predicted through assessment of different biological indicators. Primary production can be determined by the concentration of the chlorophyll-a content (Zhang et al., 2004). Additionally, they can also be used to indicate the success of secondary production of the coastal ecosystems since zooplankton are grazers of phytoplankton and other photosynthetic organisms in the oceans that contain the chlorophyll-a pigment.
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing techniques are essential tools in the studies of oceanography. These are 

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