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Adoption of Blockchain Technology in the Healthcare System in Saudi Arabia (Research Proposal Sample)


A research project on the adoption of Blockchain technology in the healthcare system in Saudi Arabia. The paper discusses the methodology used in data collection and the results as well. This project was to determine if it is possible to adopt the Blockchain technology in healthcare system and if possible, how effective it will be.


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The concept of blockchain technology is one of the latest ideas developed in the world of technology. The Healthcare supply chain concept is also incorporated in the research even though it is not a new idea since various healthcare facilities have been procuring medical equipment through the supply chain. The research is based on the use or rather adaption of blockchain technology in conduction transactions within the healthcare supply chain. The project should be undertaken due to the increased efficiency and security of money transfer when the blockchain technology is used. The increased rate of fraud ion Saudi Arabia will be reduced by implementing blockchain technology in the healthcare supply chain. The research will be conducted using a qualitative research methodology because it exhibits a subjective approach to the research questions. Interviews will be conducted during data collection. The concept displayed will add knowledge in academic research by providing evidence for references in various research studies.
The Healthcare system is one of the critical sectors in the modern world since it plays a vital role in disease prevention and health promotion. The primary objective of the healthcare system is to create an effective environment for the existence of humans. The invention of technology has seen a significant breakthrough in various sectors, including the healthcare sector. Technology is useful in the healthcare system since it has improved healthcare delivery and improved the administration's efficacy in healthcare (Thota, Sundarasekar, Manogaran, Varatharajan, & Priyan, 2018). The recent advancement of technology that saw the development of the crypto-analysis system had improved the management of various organizations, including the healthcare system. The implementation of blockchain technology in healthcare has improved the healthcare system's management, thus improving healthcare delivery. The Healthcare supply chain involves the flow of goods and services from manufacturers to patients (Yaga, Mell, Roby, & Scarfone, 2019). The literature review by (Tandon et al.) addresses a gap in blockchain technology in the healthcare supply chain. Most of the existing research only generalize the knowledge that focuses on blockchain technology in healthcare. The gap is evident, given that little research utilizes the knowledge of using blockchain technology in the healthcare supply chain. ‘Will the adoption of blockchain technology in the healthcare supply chain improve healthcare delivery in Saudi Arabia?’
Saudi Arabia is currently perceived as one of the most developed countries in the middle east of Asia, with various technologies being implemented in the healthcare system. The Saudi Arabia healthcare sector is structured to provide healthcare services to all. In the recent past, several regions have not received medical supplies and even healthcare services due to the fraud developed in the healthcare supply chain system. The manufactures of healthcare equipment and services have recently developed a tendency to hiking the prices of goods and services during healthcare delivery (ALKADI, 2016). Most private and public healthcare facilities are charging patients a higher amount of funds, yet their services are not quality. The lack of transparency in the healthcare system in Saudi Arabia has seen an increase in the mortality rate due to low services. The adoption of blockchain technology in Saudi Arabia will increase transparency during the healthcare supply chain since the concept of cryptocurrency and improved security in money transfers will be applied.
The research proposal is based on using a blockchain in improving the healthcare supply chain in Saudi Arabia. The research is related to earlier research that primarily focused on blockchain technology in the healthcare management system. The area of focus was the role of blockchain technology in the healthcare market. The research was conducted in the United Kingdom, whereby blockchain technology in the healthcare market was the primary area of focus (Clauson, Breeden, Davidson, & Mackey, 2018). The research aimed to predict the global healthcare market's structural pattern when blockchain technology was used to analyze the healthcare market. My research will be built on the same concept but distinct like exploration, in that the impacts of blockchain technology in the healthcare supply chain will be the primary areas of study.
Main Objective
The research proposal’s main objective is to evaluate the significance of adopting blockchain technology in the healthcare supply chain in Saudi Arabia's healthcare system.
Research Question:
Why should Saudi Arabia adopt the use of blockchain technology in the healthcare supply chain?
How healthcare sectors in Saudi Arabia adapt to blockchain technology in the management of the healthcare supply chain?
Are there primary advantages of implementing blockchain technology in healthcare supply chain management in Saudi Arabia?
What are some of the challenges of implementing blockchain technology in the healthcare supply chain system?
Contribution to Knowledge
The research question is significant since it exhibits significance in terms of knowledge and build-up on concepts that deal with healthcare supply analysis. The primary focus area helps analyze blockchain technology's significance in the healthcare supply chain by providing necessary information to improve the healthcare supply chain's security and operation. The knowledge displayed in the research will contribute to the study on the efficiency of blockchain technology in the healthcare supply chain since it will address all the essential concepts of the study (Wang, Singgih, Wang, & Rit, 2019). Research institutions and various healthcare facilities will be able to apply the concept displayed in the research proposal to effectively understand and evaluate the importance of blockchain technology in the healthcare supply chain. The knowledge generated during the research will assist during the academic research in that it will provide an evidence-based concept that will help the research justify the research question. The knowledge of blockchain technology's efficiency in the healthcare supply chain is scaring; therefore, the research will provide the researchers with adequate knowledge of blockchain technology in the healthcare supply chain.
Statement of Significance
The research exhibits a variety of significance to the community since it is unique and addresses new healthcare concepts. The research provides healthcare with knowledge and practical concept to assist in managing the healthcare supply chain. The financial flows within the supply of goods and the provision of healthcare services are transparent. The development of transparency will help healthcare improve the delivery system, thus improving individuals living in Saudi Arabia (Khezr, Moniruzzaman, Yassine, & Benlamri, 2019). The concept displayed by the research will assist the industrial sectors, especially corporations, in understanding the significance of blockchain technology in the management of financial transactions. The allocation of the concept of cryptocurrency and crypto-analysis assist the blockchain technology to display a secured means of money transfer. The community is likely to benefit from the research by acquiring a modern and assured system that will increase transparency, thus improving healthcare services received by Saudi Arabia patients.
Literature Review
The selected literature provides an overview of the use of blockchain technology in healthcare. The research literature provides a general understanding of the blockchain technology in healthcare and the primary role played by the concept of improving the healthcare system. The literature review adequately addresses the application of blockchain technology in several sectors of healthcare.
BlockChain and Other Technology
Blockchain is defined as a distributed ledger that entails a chain of time-stamped blocks with a specific value of a valid transaction. The blocks use the concept of cryptography, whereby they use hash values to provide a one way key for communication during the transaction of funds. The blockchain concept involves mining nodes that aid in the transaction by utilizing the various blocks within the specified node. The idea of consensus protocol is widely utilized during the transaction process, wherein the presented network nodes check for the validation of the transaction by implementing the protocol (Mettler, 2016). The process allows the validated block to be appended to the available chain; then, the updated ledger can be replicated throughout the network with the permission nodes. The consensus mechanisms allow the blockchain to adopt the aspect of operating on a peer-to-peer basis without intermediary involvement (Agbo, Mahmoud, & Eklund, 2019). It is one of the features of blockchain technology whereby it allows the transaction through blockchain to adopt peer-to-peer distribution of networks.
The blockchain's decentralization feature makes it easy to configure with other technologies such as distributed digital ledger to assist in transaction processes. The research article also addresses the blockchain’s' immutability that makes it more secure due to hash techniques. Traceability is another characteristic of blockchain technology since it allows ease of track of every transaction, thus increasing transparency (Hussien, Ya...

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