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Effects of Smartphone Usage Before Bed (Research Proposal Sample)


Write a research proposal on the effects of smartphone usage before bed. Use the sources attached. Write in Apa formatting style. Include in-text citations. The paper should be 8 pages long with the exemption of the title page and reference page. Make sure plagiarism check is below 10 percent. The paper should include:
Literature review
Methods (methodology)
Include page numbers and a running head.


Research Proposal; Effects of Smartphone Usage before Bed
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Research Proposal; Effects of Smartphone Usage before Bed
In contemporary society, smartphones are permeating as they are used in most cases, from information transfer and access to shopping. Moreover, the application of smartphones with easy-access properties in individuals’ daily lives progresses gradually. However, the disproportionate and awkward usage caused by conveniences that smartphone usage offers has elicited smartphone addiction on the lead. It has not been long since smartphones are initially presented to the general public. In the late twentieth century, prominent communication technology firms start to advertise for a phone with the capability of accessing the internet alongside other various purposes that are known as a smartphone. 
By 2007, there existed competition among companies in executing novel software structures, with the market also expanding immensely since then. Regarding their computing abilities and the boundless functionalities, smartphones are acquainted with popularity among individuals globally (Alshobaili & AlYousefi, 2019). Generally, a smartphone is a tool that functions similarly to a portable computer offering tranquil information access, workplace solicitations, size, communal connectivity, practicality, and mobility, making it a significant part of human’s daily lives. Similar to other important discoveries of the technological insurgency, smartphones have carried and caused problems and comforts (Alshobaili & AlYousefi, 2019). Nevertheless, in the fashionable society, smartphone users are specific about possessing the cutting-edge varieties, apps, and upgrade where they are prepared to invest large amounts of funds.
Smartphone users have become so reliant on this device that they feel unworthy and derisory without the device; subsequently, this extra occupancy with the smartphones marks them to overlook other substantial works. Regarding the recent statistical and diagnostic manual of mental disorders (DSM-5), gambling addiction is a prevalent behavioral addiction within addictive and substance-associated conditions (Nowreen & Ahad, 2018). It is illustrated that smartphone addiction holds various identical features to DSM-5 substance-associated disorders comprising principal factors like tolerance, functional impairment, compulsive behavior, and withdrawal. Therefore, an illogical misuse of smartphones has been defined as smartphone addiction by psychologists and is probably among the most predominant

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