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Collaboration Leadership Impact on Performance in the Amid Covid-19 (Research Proposal Sample)


The task required a research proposal for a research topic: "Collaboration Leadership Impact on Performance in the Public Sector Amid Covid-19 in UAE." this sample delivers this research proposal for a RESEARCH into the impact of collaboration leadership style on public sector organizations' performance in the UAE.


Mohammed Bin Rashid School of GovernmentMaster of Public Administration MPA 505 – Research methods
Collaboration Leadership Impact on Performance
In the Public Sector amid Covid-19
Assessment #3:
Submitted by:
Elham Al Harmoodi
12th Nov 2020
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc59396045 \h 4Research objectives PAGEREF _Toc59396046 \h 4Main research question PAGEREF _Toc59396047 \h 5Research sub questions PAGEREF _Toc59396048 \h 5Significance of research PAGEREF _Toc59396049 \h 5Definition of terms PAGEREF _Toc59396050 \h 6Literature review PAGEREF _Toc59396051 \h 6Introduction PAGEREF _Toc59396052 \h 6The concept of leadership PAGEREF _Toc59396053 \h 8Definition of leadership PAGEREF _Toc59396054 \h 8History of leadership PAGEREF _Toc59396055 \h 9The concept of collaborative leadership PAGEREF _Toc59396056 \h 9The context of collaborative leadership governance amid the Covid-19 pandemic PAGEREF _Toc59396057 \h 11Linkages between collaborative leadership and performance PAGEREF _Toc59396058 \h 12Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc59396059 \h 13Methodology PAGEREF _Toc59396060 \h 13Sample and sampling approach PAGEREF _Toc59396061 \h 14Data collection method PAGEREF _Toc59396062 \h 15Data analysis PAGEREF _Toc59396063 \h 15Data Familiarization PAGEREF _Toc59396064 \h 15Initial Thematic Codes Generation PAGEREF _Toc59396065 \h 15Theme Searching PAGEREF _Toc59396066 \h 15Theme Review PAGEREF _Toc59396067 \h 16Theme Definition PAGEREF _Toc59396068 \h 16Reporting PAGEREF _Toc59396069 \h 16Ethical considerations PAGEREF _Toc59396070 \h 16Expected results and expected challenges PAGEREF _Toc59396071 \h 17Limitation and future recommendation of the study PAGEREF _Toc59396072 \h 17Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc59396073 \h 18
This research aims at investigating the impact of collaborative leadership on performance in the public sector amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The primary study objectives are to explore why collaborative leadership is importance among public organizations in the UAE, identify the drivers of collaborative leadership in the public sector, and the future of collaborative leadership. The main research question is "How does collaborative leadership impact productivity in the public sector amid the Covid-19 pandemic?" The research will use a qualitative/interpretive research approach, using convenience and purposive sampling methods to select interviewees. The researcher will collect data from eighteen public entities, shared equally between those using collaborative leadership style and those not using the leadership style. The study will use semi-structured interviews to collect data and analyze it using thematic data analysis with NVIVO and Microsoft data analysis software.
Keywords: collaboration, collaborative leadership, Covid-19 pandemic, performance, public servants, leadership, public administration, transformational leadership
The existing literature confirms that leadership style influences performance in organizations. Scholars researched and formulated various leadership theories, most of which failed to describe an effective leadership style. Effective leadership lies in the leader's ability to influence change within an organization by paying attention to external environmental forces (De Meyer 2010). However, as contexts vary, leadership style should change to conform to the new environment. Researchers found that the collaborative leadership is the most common leadership style in contemporary management, especially in the public sector. The coronavirus pandemics also facilitated adoption of the collaborative leadership style among organizations. Scholars found that collaboration promotes a shared vision, responsibility, and resources; it boosts learning and promotes mutual engagements (De Meyer 2010). Collaborative leadership focuses on working together; it eliminates arguments and brings mutually constructive collaboration, thus creating a sense of unity (Hsieh & Liou 2018). The study will explore the impact of collaborative leadership on the performance of the UAE public sector amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

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