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Personal Profile (Resume Writing Sample)


IN my human resources class, last year of university, i had to create a profile for one of my colleagues. i chose to write this profile for my best friend, DENISE SINCE she is the one i know everything about. i liked this project, it was INTERESTING. WE HAD TO CREATE THIS PROFILE THINKING THAT WE WOULD MAKE OUR COLLEAGUE A RESUME.


Denisa Vlad, a student in the last year of the Faculty of International Business and Economics, is a very determined and studious individual. She has moved from Pitești to Bucharest to study at The Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Very ambitious and hard-working person and her passion for the economy has made her enroll in this university. Since she was in 9th grade in high school, she was dreaming and thinking about moving to Bucharest. Being a student at one of the biggest economuniversitiesity in Romania and also in the world has become a goal for her. And here she is now, almost a graduate of this Faculty of International Business showing that perseverance is one of her biggest qualities. Since the first year of college, Denisa has shown and proved how committed she can be. Her good grades are a very good image and reflection of this. Choosing the English program is a way of expressing that Denisa is always ready to learn more. Studying in English every day has improved her language skills significantly. After graduation, she is ready to get another diploma and start the Master’s program, also from The Bucharest University Of Economic Studies. She will choose to continue her studies in the International Business and Economics area. Denisa will start looking for a job once she will start the master’s program.

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