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A speech on how to create a successful clothing brand (Speech Presentation Sample)

This is a business paper covering a speech that a visiting manager can give on the various ways of creating a successful business brand. The speech is based on successful and well-performing businesses in the clothing and apparel industry such as Prada, burberry and their association with big clothing designers such as coco chanel. source..
Student's Name Professor's Name Course Date HOW TO CREATE A SUCCESSFUL CLOTHING BRAND SPEECH Introduction Today I am going to inform you about creating a successful clothing brand. Did you know that branding is said to have begun with ancient Egyptians who practised cattle branding? The term extended its meaning into products or companies to mean their produce belongs to a specific company under a particular name? Well, now you do. Chanel, Burberry and Prada are examples of successful clothing brands, which have origin stories, and most of them start small. So, how did Coco Chanel, believed to be the most powerful and influential female designer ever lived (Meek np), create her successful clothing brand and can I create one too? The answer is yes. Achieving successful clothing can be through passion or drive, commitment, consistency, and a good plan. What It Takes to Create a Successful Clothing Brand Designers who started the most successful clothing brands were passionate about clothing and fashion. To create a successful clothing brand, you need passion, creativity, and uniqueness to go a long way. Knowledge of style is equally important. Famous brand owners began as passionate fashion designers with fresh and unique ideas, like Coco Chanel and Calvin Klein. As a designer, you will want to showcase your beautiful work to the world and profit from it (Nieto np). Furthermore, increasing your knowledge and skills through research and going to school or college is essential. A successful clothing brand also requires a good plan. The plan can be broken down into simple steps and executed to ensure success. The steps are, ensure there is a need in the market, come up with a business plan which will guide you throughout your clothing brand journey, know your target audience, can be females, males or children; and adjust your style and cost to fit them, and start creating and designing your products (Moorhouse, & Danielle 9). Then find a clothing manufacturer and partners to help you in your brand creation, come up with the brand name and logo if you did not have one, the price of your products and the marketing process. Set goals, look for investments and finally launch your clothing brand. These steps are simple and flexible enough to ensure the creation of a successful clothing brand. Starting a clothing brand takes gut and is not as easy as it sounds. There will be challenges, especially your first time, but you can overcome the difficulties with consistency, positivity, and commitment. Conclusion In conclusion, creating a successful clothing brand ...
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