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Zappos: How does the work fit into the wider literature? (Speech Presentation Sample)


Presentation should consider the following questions:
Objectives What does the article set out to do?
Theory Is there an explicit theoretical framework? If not, are there important theoretical assumptions?
Concepts What are the central concepts? Are they clearly defined?
Argument What is the central argument? Are there specific hypotheses?
Method What methods are employed to test these?
Evidence Is evidence provided? How adequate is it?
Values Are value positions clear or are they implicit?
Literature How does the work fit into the wider literature?
Contribution How well does the work advance our knowledge of the subject?
Style How clear is the author's language/style/expression?
Conclusion A brief overall assessment.
In the presentation, identify the problem, process (method), and solution (results) of the study. 


Specific purpose: Dear classmates, I would like to take this opportunity to present one of the Anne Perschel’s works, titled; Work-Life Flow: How Individuals, Zappos, and Other Innovative Companies Achieve High Engagement. In this piece, she elaborates on the concepts of engagement with reference to integrating work life and family life for optimal performance.
Attention getter: Balancing the elements of work and life achievements can be quite hard as most of the employees and some of the company leaders have come to realize.
Audience relevance:
I am sure Most of you like other staffs, have found themselves in a state of poor performance as they are not in a position to fully engage in their jobs to provide maximum performance results commensurate with their abilities (Perschel, 2010). This compromises their work and engagement with their families. As such, majority of the staffs are just riding the tide at work, looking for a better job or position where they can fully engage and achieve at optimal levels.
Personally I have has a chance to experience a disconnected work life and family life. At the same I have read several accounts of companies trying to motivate the staff without no avail simply because the culture does not allow for an integrated social life and work life.
IV: Thesis: It is important for me therefore to share the basic element of engagement with reference to work life, family life and how it affects performance.
Body of Speech:
Dear class mates, the objective of this paper is to closely examine how individuals can achieve flow within their work and the family lives. It dwells deeply into the aspects of how best the individuals can achieve full engagement to bring about optimal achievement in all areas of their lives.
It also goes further to establish the methods or criterion that would best fit in with helping the individuals achieve the optimal performance levels (Perschel, 2010).
The paper takes into account the basic theoretical assumption that by integrating the staffs work and life, the said individuals will be in a position to bring about exceptional performance in both fields.
Under the theoretical framework the author brings out some of the concepts that support the central idea. One of the concepts revolves around, enhancing engagement by making sure that the work life of the staff ad their social life are integrated (Perschel, 2010). This enhances the ability of the individual to enjoy both elements of their lives.
Having understood the theoretical framework lets us delve on the concepts elaborated here in.
The article also brings out the element of balancing the work life and family life. This concept is clearly generated and is connected to aspect of integration. To epitomize the central idea, the article then brings in the concept of flow. This ideally relates to the ability of the individuals, who have established their intrinsic element of integrating their lives at work and with their family, with utmost productivity.
The element of flow underlines the argument of the paper. This is to indicate the fact that persons that have established their balance and are able to master optimized performance in their work and family lives, have a characteristic flow (Perschel, 2010).
The paper also underlines flow and its characteristics. Ideally, for the staff to achieve flow in their work and life, they have to establish their passion, essence, meaning, purpose, goals, feedback, Attention, Concentration, Internal Control, and challenges as well as rule of operation.
To come to this conclusion, the article borrows from secondary data of other research pieces that have been conducted in the past.
The general hypothesis relates to engagement increasing the level of productivity at work and in staffs’ social lives.
To build on the body evidence the article has also incorporated interviews with CEOs such as Tony Hsieh from Zappo, one of the companies that have implemented the work-life integration with its staffs.
The author draws its evidence from some other companies that have been in a position to bring about flow in the culture such as; Patagonia, Green Cargo and Replacements Ltd. These evidences are quite satisfactory as they build on the subject matter with tangible examples of the applic...
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