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China's Turnover Syndrome (Speech Presentation Sample)


Your review should consider the following questions: Objectives What does the article set out to do? Theory Is there an explicit theoretical framework? If not, are there important theoretical assumptions? Concepts What are the central concepts? Are they clearly defined? Argument What is the central argument? Are there specific hypotheses? Method What methods are employed to test these? Evidence Is evidence provided? How adequate is it? Values Are value positions clear or are they implicit? Literature How does the work fit into the wider literature? Contribution How well does the work advance our knowledge of the subject? Style How clear is the author's language/style/expression? Conclusion A brief overall assessment. the attached reference is Wyld, D. C. (2009). China's Turnover Syndrome: Does Good Management Trump Job Conditions for Factory Workers?. Academy Of Management Perspectives, 23(4), 93-94. doi:10.5465/AMP.2009.45590145


China’s Turnover Syndrome
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China has been highly cited as a place where the rights of most employees are normally violated by employers. There is a large labour supply base to address any deficiencies that may occur in case a certain number of workers decline to report to their job stations. An article written by Wyld (2009) aims at analyzing the views that were presented by a research activity carried out by Jiang to analyze the voluntary worker turnover in China. The article sets out to cover the real situation as it is occurring in China where there have been various misconceptions regarding the workers and the working environments at large.
The theory that the article aims at exploring is the one that argues that workers in China are obviously going to work despite the low pays and poor working conditions to continue feeding the demand in the western nations. Such theoretical assumptions are widely held since most of the products being sold in the leading outlets like Target and Wal-Mart have their origin in China. The central concept that the article covers is the fact that despite the low pay and poor working environments, the concept of voluntary worker turnover is highly related to the human resource and production management traits being employed by the owners of the factories.
The author observes that the Chinese firms are facing numerous problems when it comes to supplying the required products to the western retailers in a timely manner. As observed by Wyld (2009), the increased demand for the cheap Chinese products is pressurizing the local suppliers to increase their production capacities thus forcing them to hire more labor. However, the author bases his argument on the results established by Jiang where the widely held notion that the amount of workers in China is endless in supply does not always hold. The fact remains that the poor workers have to work hard to fend for themselves plus their dependants though there are various factors that affect their voluntary turnover. The Chinese factories and manufacturers are known for facing indigenous problems related to unsuitable working conditions as well as low pay though the supply of labour is taking a new and twisted dimension. The author authoritatively argues that management activities and traits are of late playing a critical role when it comes to voluntary worker turnover in the Chinese factories.
There is enough and substantial evidence to back up the claims of this article that management is being viewed as a critical aspect when it comes to voluntary worker turnover. Wyld (2009) explores the survey conducted in Guangzhou where a total of 600 employees took part. It shows that employees are still willing to work for the factories whose pay is low and the working conditions are considerably poor provided the human resource and production management activities are undertaken in the most appropriate ways. It shows that employees are willing to be entitled to the current financial obligations provided the human resource management activities are undertaken in the most suitable ways. The position taken by this article is that t...
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