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In The Eye Of The Beholder (Speech Presentation Sample)


In the presentation, you must identify and explain the purpose of the study (In the Eye Of The Beholder), interpret definitions and variations in definitions, if any.
Your journal article review is written for a reader who is knowledgeable in the discipline and is interested not just in the coverage and content of the article being reviewed, but also in your critical assessment of the ideas and argument that are being presented by the author. You are not writing an article review you are writing an article content review.
Your review should consider the following questions:
Objectives What does the article set out to do?
Theory Is there an explicit theoretical framework? If not, are there important theoretical assumptions?
Concepts What are the central concepts? Are they clearly defined?
Argument What is the central argument? Are there specific hypotheses?
Method What methods are employed to test these?
Evidence Is evidence provided? How adequate is it?
Values Are value positions clear or are they implicit?
Literature How does the work fit into the wider literature?
Contribution How well does the work advance our knowledge of the subject?
Style How clear is the author's language/style/expression?
Conclusion A brief overall assessment.
You will compare two peer-reviewed journal articles and create a professionally designed presentation. The two articles must be related and discuss the same topic. In the presentation, you must identify similarities and differences in the two chosen studies and draw conclusions from the results of the studies. 
This assignment asks you to focus on your ability to read multiple articles, in this case two, and 
understand similarities and differences. Keeping in mind it is only through comparing and contrasting
what is known that we understand what is possible and what is still missing. In your quest to create new 
knowledge and showcase your critical thinking skills, this assignment asks you to locate two articles on 
the same topic and discover similarities and differences of thought, findings, and process of inquiry.


In The Eye of the Beholder
In the Eye of the Beholder
This presentation analyzes two peer-reviewed journal articles on the topic ‘In the Eye of the Beholder.’ One of the articles focuses on the Exploration Of Managerial Courage while the other one on Feedback Motivations and Practices Among Nonprofit Providers and Their Funders. Both journals discuss on effective systems of management, but in different contexts and with the application of different principles of management. Hence, the study of the topic ‘In the Eye of the Beholder’ purposes primarily to examine the system of appropriate management in organizations and how they can be applied differently with intentions to achieve a common goal, which is successful organizational operations.
According to Harbour & Kisfalvi (2013), managerial courage is the foundation on which the executives of organizations make appropriate choices in difficult situations. The journal presents courage from a perspective of strategic decision-making in critical situations in organizational operations. Primarily, Harbour & Kisfalvi (2013) outlines that all managers ought to have courage as a fundamental quality with which to take ethical and appropriate positions in risky situations, especially in events where the interests of the organization outweighs personal interests.
On the other hand, Campbell, Lammbright & Tein (2012) outline that feedback of organizational processes, especially among non-profit organizations and their funders, is a pivotal aspect of management that helps to maintain good relationships between organizations and their financiers. Campbell et al., (2012) suggests that accurate and timely feedback on the progress of the organization enhances accountability, performance, transparency, and effectiveness. Essentially, feedback is used as a tool with which to verify the expenditure of the organization’s funds and accessing their outcomes, which eventually helps the management to improve in their operations to ensure efficiency.
In both journals, it is undisputed that the management of all organizations has a responsibility to their stakeholders including shareholders, funders and employees. Organizational management is required to make appropriate decisions that work for the good of the organization rather than personal interest. It is equally responsible for ensuring transparency, accuracy, and efficiency in the operations of their organizations with intentions to meet organizational objectives while simultaneously meeting client’s needs.
However, the approach to organizational management in the above-mentioned journals differs. As for Harbour & Kisfalvi (2013), effective management is directly reliant on the managerial courage to make decisions, which are compliant with exemplary organizational values as well as stakeholders’ interests, and not to self-interests. On the contrary, Campbell et al., (2012) consider effective management as being built on grounds of accuracy, transparency, and efficiency in delivering feedback on organizational operations to stakeholders (in this case funders of nonprofit organizations).
In the journal ‘Exploration Of Managerial Courage,’ by Harbour & Kisfalvi (2013), the evidence that supports its argument is provided with an explanation on how the courage of the executive to take logical and just positions in the implementation of controversial or risky policies can be essential t...
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