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Technology Behind X-rays, Its Invention, and Future Opportunities in the Medical Field (Speech Presentation Sample)


THE TASK was to help the student present an informative speech to be recorded or presented live to the class via zoom. Upon realizing the abilities and needs of the student I advised her to choose to record and submit the video link via Google Drive or as a youtube link. I had to shape the speech including specific areas where the student had to include presenting skills such as pausing, line breaks and other stylistic devices.


Specific purpose: To inform my audience about the technology behind x-rays, their invention, and their future opportunities in the medical field.
Central idea: Since their invention, X-rays have revolutionized the medical field, making diagnosis easier than before.
For the past decade, medical practitioners have continued the use of what is perhaps the greatest medical invention since time, medical diagnoses have become easier than before, and radiologists can now identify and locate foreign particles in the human body. (Short pause)

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