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Antigone Speech Presentation (Speech Presentation Sample)


The paper was supposed to present a speech about a play based on the questions asked. This sample presents the speech while answering the questions asked in the task.

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you, and welcome to our meeting this afternoon. I am Erick Geller, the director of the play “Antigone”, which shall be screened early next year if successfully completed in time.
We are gathered here to get an insight of this play as well as get to understand the characters in the play. The play is based on the theme of tragedy written by Sophocles in the year 441 BC. The play is well structured with a very interesting plot. The main character in the play is Antigone. She is the main character because without her, then there is no point of constructing the play. She is virtually in every scene, attracting everyone’s attention in the play.
As a director, I have read and reviewed the play in and out. Therefore, I was chosen to present this play. This is also because I shall be directing the play later on once we start acting.
Well, to get a look at what we are talking about, we first start with the plot of the play. The play starts with Antigone and her sister, Ismene. Antigone Laments of how unlucky her family has been all along. Their father, Oedipus killed his own father, Laios and then married his own mother, Iocaste. Oedipus later came around about what he had done. He blinded himself and left the throne.
This family tragedy picks up when Antigone’s two brothers, Polyneices and Eteocles, started to quarrel among themselves. Polyneices was chased away from the throne, but he later came back and betrayed Thebes, his father’s former throne. The two brothers fought fiercely and killed each other. Later, Creon becomes the king and orders that as a punishment for treason, Polyneices should not be given a proper burial. He should be left in the field to rot and eaten by the wild birds. Antigone does not agree with the king’s order and decides to bury her brother, besides her sister, Ismene, being the objective of going against the king’s orders. She buries her brother, twice, even after the guards exhume the body. Haemon, Creon’s son, is rebellious of his father’s decision and vows never to see his father again. Antigone is buried alive in a cave, but she is released later since the gods are not happy with Creon’s actions. Soon after Creon decides to obey the prophet to bury Polyneices and release Antigone, he receives information that Antigone and his son Haemon have both killed themselves. The king was already too late and he had to learn his lesson from his unwise actions.
Based on this play, the main qualities of a tragic hero is one who suffers by standing ground to his or her principles. That is, the one that endures all the difficulties in his /her life but later learns a lesson. Taking a look and the individual characters as portrayed in the play, Antigone is a very rebellious person who stands by her beliefs despite any threat. She proves to be a brave hero who later takes away her life. She is also kind hearted and courageous since she let Creon to humiliate her in public and by sending her to rot in a cave. However, the tragic hero of the play is Creon since he remains to live even after the world crumbles upon him.
Ismene is the obedient girl in her entire family. She values, rules more than any other belief she has. She likes to play by the book at all times. However, blood is thicker than water. She decides to die along with her sister. This portrays the sisterly love between them just as expected in the society.
Creon has a lot of pride. This is his greatest weakness that leads to his loss of his niece, Antigone and his son, Haemon. He also loses his wife, Eurydice. He proves to be very stubborn but later survives to keep on ruling the people unlike his previous family members.
Haemon, the son of Creon is portrayed as very quiet and kind hearted. He is betrothed to Antigone and he reasons with his father to spare his fiancé from what she had done. He later tries to end his father’s life due to this reason but does not get success.
The chorus consists of a group of wise elderly men who have the wisdom of the past. They are used in the play to provide more information on the characters, culture, and the happenings of the past. They also help in providing advice to the characters. They create suspense and sentiments into the play while narrating the myths of their community. However, they take on the side of Creon most of t...
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