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Response to Customers (Speech Presentation Sample)


the task was to give a report on how to report to a customer complain about an organizations products.

The following report is going to discuss the complaints received from customers on our products. Following the complaint from one of the customers about the peaches that had moulds, the following report will investigate into the cause in order as to avoid a repeat of the same complaints in the future. The report will include investigation into different departments in the company and investigation to the customers. The report will also make use of the various feedbacks obtained from the customers. The data collected will be analyzed and be interpreted with the help of a graph for easier understanding. The report will also give the conclusion on the complaints and provide appropriate recommendations that can be employed in solving the problem.
Report to the Food Safety Section Manager
About Food Complaint
The following is a report about the food complaint filed by a customer who had bought a can of peaches. The report clearly describes the procedures followed in the investigation and the results obtained. According to the safety control legislature, food sold to the customers should be of good quality, and it should not affect them negatively. This is also in line with our Council enforcement policy (National Research Council (U.S.)). In the previous years, the company has been able to follow the policy and as a result, most of our customers gained satisfaction. Provision of safe and quality food was the among the major goals of the company
However, the goals, which are based customers’ satisfaction, are affected negatively by supplying to the customers foods that are of low quality. Complaints from the customers give evidence that, customers are not pleased with our products like they were before. On November 26 this year, the food security department received a complaint concerning a tin of peaches, the content of which upon opening were found to be in a moldy condition. The customer is among the top buyers of the company products. To avoid more complaints and restore customers’ loyalty to our products, I decided to carry out an investigation about these complaints.
Purpose of the Report
The purpose of this report is to give the procedure followed in investigating the food complaint. The report will also show the results obtained from the investigations. It will also discuss the rules broken and the probable fines if any for the damages caused.
Food Complaint Procedure
Food complains should be forwarded to the council. The complaints can be in any form either written or oral.
The complaints should be recorded. After recording they should be investigated and the investigation report should be forwarded to the authority responsible for example, if the food had a health issue, the investigations should be forwarded to the Environmental Health section.
The complaint should be recorded in the complaint form by completing the form. This form is also required to be signed by the complaint after he or she has filed the complaint. The form should also contain a space set for declaration by the complainant (Committee for a Study of Saccharin and Food Safety Policy (U.S.).
The complainant was given the name of an officer who would contact him.
After receiving the can of the peaches, it was placed in a clear food grade plastic bag and it was sealed with a tamper proof numbered tag.
The complainant was contacted and we informed him about the progress of the finding and filing the sample.
Investigations were made on the food sample and results were passed to the complainant by the investigation officer.
The following report has the following objectives:
It is aimed at identifying the cause of producing and distributing unworthy products to customers. It will investigate and find out which department is responsible for the mistake.
It is also aimed at investigating the validity of the customers’ complaints. This will be achieved through assessing the various complaints that have been received from the customers.
It will also aim on showing how relevant the complaints from customers are to the improvement of the company’s products.
The report will also show the effects of poor quality food to its customers. It will list the health effects of bad foods.
On this report, legal issues about food safety will be discussed in order to show how the department is responsible for the provision of safe food to its customers.
The report will also show how the company may be affected negatively in terms of its profits and reputation if the problem persists.
The report will also aim at providing a solution to the complaints from the customers. This will help in meeting the customers’ expectations and needs.
The company has operated for a long period of time and previously we had not had complaints in regarding the food produced. However, recently we have received several cases of people complaining of our foods. Within a period of three months, the company has received four complains about its products. The number of positive feedbacks from the consumers has also reduced while the number of positive feedback is on the rise. The company had initially won people’s loyalty, and was among the leading food manufacturing companies. The company makes its large profits from its customers who are from different countries.
Most of the company’s customers have always regarded us due to our good products, and they have turned out to be regular buyers of our products. As a company it is our duty to ensure that we maintain our good reputation to the customers so that we can earn their trust. This will help in increasing the volume of the company’s sales and in turn lead to increased profits. The company will also be able to compete well with its competitors in the market and maintain its leadership position.
The company has been following the Food Safety Control Legislation Policies since it started operating. In the company’s council enforcement policy these policies are included and they for bases on which the enforcement policies of the company are formed.
For this investigation I considered to use the following methods:
Analyzing the complaints
I started by reading the grievance files filed by customers, complaining about the food products. I started from the files dating from year 2005 to this year, 2011. I prepared a table to record these criticisms. The table had a column for the year, number of complaints and the type of complaint. To give a clear comparison on the number of complaints in each year I also considered presenting the information on a graph that is more understandable and gives a good basis for comparison.
I also considered the feedbacks received from customers. There were many feedbacks both positive and negative, and so I could not record all of them for last six years. I considered the feedbacks for this year and recorded their number in two columns one for positive feedback and the other for negative feedbacks.
Getting Information from the Customers
I made an effort to visit some of our customers in order to enquire more about how they identified with our products. These customers included those who had filed the complaints and those who had filed complaints.
Getting to Various Departments in the Company,
I went to the various departments in the company in order to investigate where the problem was. I used the heads of the various departments in order to establish whether the correct procedures in food manufacturing were followed. These departments included the raw material acquisition department, mixing department, processing department, packing department and the sales department.
From the investigations I carried out, I obtained the following results.
On analyzing the complaints received from customers and recording them in the tables, I found that most of the complaints were received in this year compared to the other years. The number of complaints increased abruptly from February this year, where within the period the company has received ten complains from the customers.
After considering the feedbacks it was found that, the positive feedbacks were declining while the negative feedbacks were increasing. When I went to the customers some of them commended the company, while others gave suggestions on what can be done to in order to improve our products and meet their expectations. Customers who gave negative feedbacks argued that, some had received expired products or the products got expired within a short period after receiving them. Some customer suggested that the packaging of the product needed to be improved in order to keep the food free from moisture.
Going through the different departments in the company, I observed that most departments follow the required procedures. From the raw material acquisition department, I found that some raw materials of low quality had been acquired. The reason for acquiring them was that, the materials were cheap and would lead top reduction of the cost of producing the products.
The processing departments had no issues since the correct procedures of processing were adopted. However, on reaching the packaging department some break downs arisen. The packaging was slow and most of the processed products stayed for hours without being packed into their relevant packages.
In this department, also I found out that there was presence of staining on the labels and it appeared to be a staple damage. After opening the cans that were at the sales department and ready for sale, I found that a large number of them were moldy.
Discussing Results
Results from the raw material acquisition departments showed that, some of the raw materials were of low quality. Low quality raw materials lead to low quality p...
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