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How to Ensure Successful Completion of my DBA Speech Presentation (Speech Presentation Sample)


The Task Was To Help The Client Show Their Strategy In Completing The Course. This Sample Is To Show My Ability In Understanding The Needs Of A Client.


How to Ensure Successful Completion of my DBA
How to Ensure Successful Completion of my DBA
I have always had the desire to pursue Business Administration to the Doctorate level. Now that I am already beginning the journey, I am eager and excited to complete the program. The first step that I will take to ensure the study progresses smoothly is to manage my time. In this program, I am my Project Manager and for all the phases of this project to be completed successfully, time management is a must. It is only through proper management of time that I shall be able to meet course deadlines and make timely submissions. The second step will be to make adequate use of the university resources including my supervisors and the library. This will help to sharpen my research skills. These two steps are just a foundation for my program because my goal is to write publishable research papers.
The third step towards ensuring a successful completion of my program will be to network heavily with professionals and organizations in my field. This will give valuable sources of primary information regarding practices and developments in Busin...
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