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College Attendance Speech, Classes Examinations (Speech Presentation Sample)


I have another assignment. I need a formal speech outline with 3 book sources. inside the outline I need citations to be put in the outline. 
3-5 main points please.
the speech is a persuasive speech. my topic is "college class attendance should NOT be mandatory". 5-7 minutes. thanks.
This is a persuasive speech but please follow the outline attached.
Pages: 2.5 ( 750 words) + Bib.
Sources: 3 min (Books)
Thank You


College Attendance Speech
Title: College Attendance Speech
Purpose Statement
At the end of my speech, my audience will agree with me that college class attendance should be the responsibility of the student.
Thesis statement
College class attendance should not be mandatory since it is not directly linked to success.
* Introduction
* Attention-getter: how many people agree that college attendance should be mandatory? How many of you have been forced by the instructors to compulsory attend the classes? How many of you have attended all the classes and still performed poorly in the examinations? I know you have witnessed students fail to attend most of the classes but still perform excellently in the examinations.
* Thesis statement: compulsory class attendance does not mean improved performance and thus should be banned since so many students pass their examinations and perform well in academics even with a low percentage of class attendance.
* Preview of main points
1 Compulsory college attendance is not linked to improved performance.
2 Students are the tuition payers and should not be punished for what they are paying for.
3 It saves the work of the instructors as they do not struggle dealing with unexcused and excused absences.
4 College students are adults who know what is good for them and should be treated as adults
5 When forced to go to class, most of the college students would only act as distraction to other students
* Interest/ Relevance (Credibility statement): Being adults who pay for their college tuition and select the courses to pursue, college students should not be forced to attend classes but rather attend the classes they choose and find time for.
* Compulsory attendance of classes does not translate to academic success
* As noted by Haworth (2013), so many students who attend college classes regularly fail compared to some who do not. So many studies cannot relate attendance to improved academic performance.
* Grading the students in their academic performance with attendance as a factor is unfair. This is because different students have different learning styles and the instructors should be interested in their academic performance and not their attendance of classes.
[Don’t you now think that students should be left out to decide whether they attend the classes or not; all what the instructor should be concerned with is their performance and not their attendance. I know some of you I now interested in learning more on student’s decision to attend classes. Let us consider the issue of who pays the tuition fees and thus the one who should make the decisions on attendance.]
* Students should be given the chance to decide when to attend college classes because they pay the tuition fees
* A person should be left to enjoy what he has acquired. This acquisition happens when students pay the tuition fee and thus should be left to make a decision on how to spend the tuition fee (Lucas & Bernstein, 2014).
* Deciding to pay for a certain course means that a student is interested in it and failing to attend does not prove otherwise.
[I am not sure that some of you agree with me that students should be left to enjoy what they pay for. Failing to attend classes should not also be a bother to the instructors who are not paid to monitor the attendance trend of the students but rather are paid to teach. Let us now see how mandatory class attendance would be a bother to the instructors.]
* Instructors should not bear the burden of keeping records of who attended and who did not attend, who excused and who did not excuse his absenteeism, and how this should add to one’s grade.
* When class attendance is mandatory and thus used to compute one’s grade, instructors have to keep cumbersome records on who attended and who missed classes as well as the number of classes missed.
* Instructors also have a lot of students’ issues to address as the some have to excuse themselves from class for several issues. Since the students are adults, they have to attend to family issues, take care of sick family members, and also attend to personal issues. The instructors should have to hear all these as they ask for the excuses for failed attendance. When attendance is not mandatory, instructors are saved from all these struggles (Alfred, 2012).
[Now that it is clear that mandatory class attendance is a bother to the instructors, let us see how it affects a person who considers himself an adult]
* College students are adults and should be treated as such
* Being an adult, students are like workers who enjoy so many off days from work to attend to personal and family issues. Students should have a chance to do so as well.
* Students are adults who are in a position to make rational decisions and thus one should have good reasons ...
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