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Speech Presentation: Tribute Speech to Albert Einstein (Speech Presentation Sample)


it was a presentation of a tribute speech to HONOR albert Einstein , for his accomplishment in physics


Tribute Speech to Albert Einstein
Student’s Name
Good morning teachers and my fellow students. Today I have the privilege to express my admiration to one of the greatest inventor to ever grace the face of the earth. Albert Einstein, he is the genius who gave Americans the keys to unlock the universe. He made a choice to live by science, and as according to the famous Nobel Prize winner Albert Camus, life is the sum of the choices u make.
Albert was born in Germany; a place called ULM on March 14, 1869. He was excellent right from his birth. He would challenge science from the foundation of it as he never spoke a word till he was three years old, unlike the regular kids who usually speak at one and a half years (Hoover,1934). This got his parents worried but now I come to the think of it that this great man was quietly analyzing life and deciding which path he is to follow. Of course, he chooses a parallel course as most of his age mate kids back then, the game he played were not the common play soldier or tumble games, but he enjoyed building things, using cards and solving puzzles
I know most of you here will not believe me if I said that Albert failed high school. But indeed, his way of learning was different from the system in German education system at the time. “You are not even allowed to smile, and asking questions is a capital crime,” that’s how Albert would always tell his mother after coming from school. His teachers always saw him as lazy, and later he was expelled from the school. According to Einstein quote that says, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” It’s evidently clear that academic success was the primary determining factor of someone’s mental capability.
What makes Einstein life so great? Is it his love for science and his admiration for religion? “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind,” he would often say. His most famous discovery is the photoelectric law and the most popular mass-energy formulae E=MC2 (Safire, 1992). And according to an article written by Arnold Somerfield, This formula would be used by researchers at Manhattan nuclear project, and made it possible to deliver a life defining invention that handed the world a super weapon. One that would bring end to the chaos of the war bring law and order. His efforts made him win the Nobel Prize in physics as a result of his dedication to theoretical physics.
Albert passed on April 18, 1955. And to the glory of the course he dedicated his entire life pursuing, his brain was removed to help in the study of, the powers behind human brain. Well, evidence has shown that it was just a normal brain, except perhaps it was a bit wider on both sides, like 15%. According to a famous author McIntire (2001), writer of the American Heritage book of great American speeches for young people, the content of this genius mind made all the difference. Thanks to Albert’s brilliance we now have, radiotherapy, gamma ray scans, and nuclear power. His exploration in photoelectric has enabled us to make fluorescent lights, TV, computers, automatic doors. And each time you play a video game, just know the idea behind is Albert’s great work. Indeed as president Obama said, â...
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