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The Importance Of Unity Culture In An Organisation (Speech Presentation Sample)


the paper was about writing a press release for a sports company highlighting the importance of unity culture in an organisation


Press Release for a Sport Company
Phoenix--Arizona Diamondbacks- D-backs-- An American Professional Baseball franchise, which acknowledges the significance of effective organizational culture. You are a competitive athlete and want to climb to the stardom? D-backs is the best place to consider. Although the sports industry is extremely competitive, Arizona Diamondbacks consistently ensures its athletes are traced back to fulfilling their dreams and ensuring their success is recognized both professionally and personally.
Arizona Diamondbacks were rated the best across all categories- teams, employees, and individuals. Arizona Diamondbacks President, Derrick Hall was quoted “I honestly believe that culture is our competitive advantage…” According to Belzer (2015), they have created an environment where the employees are the priority instead of the consumers because they respect the employment turnover is devastating since the early entry jobs are difficult to acquire. The customers are treated with utmost respect because the employees reciprocate the palliative treatment they receive.
Arizona Diamondbacks executives like Hall observe the laws, rules, and principles of an efficient organization. Bauman (2016) states that they understand successful leadership is not about the employees being ready with an answer at every turning point and compelling the employees to adhere to the vision and mission of the organization. However, a leader should portray humility to accept that sometimes things will not work out as planned and develop a culture that employees can contribute towards any strategies required.
D-backs employees are offered special perquisites to encourage and motivate them towards operating sufficiently and increasing the performance of the company. They are provided with other benefits such as two-week holiday break, game tickets, company outings and they are often present to see the team play during the big games. The employees are provided with a tremendous opportunity of choosing the “employee of the month” depending on his or her performance. When the President’s Council commence discussing monthly emerging issues challenging the organization, the outstanding employee represents them (Buford et al., 2007). D-backs offer every employee an opportunity to influence the organization direction regardless of the level.
Arizona Diamondbacks achievement can be measured through the 5 National League West titles, 2001 World Series, and the National League Championship pennant. Phoenix Business Journal recently bequeathed them an award as a top ranking “Best Places to Work”. Forbes Magazine also named it as the best sports franchises to be employed by across the region.
Arizona Diamondbacks leadership team has offered the employees with the core values that enable them in effective decision-making. They have fostered cultivated relationships with the employees, established humility and honesty, individual and professionalism acceptance while being open-minded to any idea that might be pitched to them by employees (Buell et al., 2013). The strategy has resulted to employers influencing positive results to the organization and the customers.
About Arizona Diamondbacks
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