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Nursing Misconduct Case Study. Introduction to Nursing and Midwifery (Speech Presentation Sample)




Nursing Misconduct Case Study
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Introduction to Nursing and Midwifery
Nursing as a profession is practiced within given standards as outlined on the CQC website. Practitioners are expected to operate within the standards all times during their profession. Various regions have various codes, for instance, the United Kingdom has the nursing and midwifery code that is based on four themes. The practitioners are expected to prioritize people, ensure safety, practice effectively and maintain trust and professionalism (Whitehead et al., 2012). Such codes are used by the nurses to reinforce their professionalism and the failure to comply with the given code can lead to serious consequences. All in all, operating within a given code of conduct is not meant to limit the professional but rather to ensure high-quality services offered. Mrs. Arwadi’s case shows the seriousness of not adhering to the code. This was considered a misconduct case and following a successful trial and proving of the charges, her practice was considered impaired. Failure to observe the codes is against the ethics and the laws and this can be interpreted as unprofessionalism leading to one being declared unfit to practice. Nursing is a profession that is aimed at providing the best standard of care to any individual in need of the services. This is emphasized in the care quality commission (CQC) regulation 12. Accurate recording of the patient’s details should be ensured in the course of providing the service. This does not, however, overlook the fact that a nurse is a human being and hence, prone to errors. Circumstances that could possibly place a patient at risk or compromise the standards should be reported to the relevant persons or the authority (Lachman, 2012). This should be done at the earliest time possible to enable the taking of measures that would cushion against the effects of the first negligent incident. Arwadi’s misconduct case analysis will take the Rolfe reflective model which addresses the following questions; what, so what and now what?

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