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How to win upcoming Primary Elections (Speech Presentation Sample)


the task involved writing a Memorandum to a political candidate as a campaign manager. this sample presents a memorandum about how to win election primaries for agiven candidate


To: Michael Moore
From: (Campaign Manager)
Subject: How to win upcoming Primary Elections
Dear Sir,
The party primary election is fast approaching. As your chief campaign strategist, I thought that I should share various facts on how to win the party primary come the Party’s Election Day. It is obvious that Precinct 3 is one of the fast-growing regions in Harris County (Houston Public Media & Houston Public Media 2020). I am confident that the Party’s election is all about strategy and the agenda sold to the voter. It is very important for us as a campaign team to have a superb theory of how to come out not only top but with also the expected threshold of 50% +1 vote.
So, how shall we win as a team?
Unlike the main elections, primaries are quite difficult to predict especially in view of County Commissioners’ position in Precinct 3. With the Texas County Primary Elections scheduled for third of March (Smithwick 2020), we currently have limited time and we have to make significant impact within the remaining period. The first approach which I believe deserves our immediate attention is the demographics of the electorate and the past election tendencies. This is the point of departure, and the primary election matters to us more than the general election currently. Therefore, what I would like to put across is an exceptional strategy that will see you become the Party’s flag bearer in the upcoming Party Elections. There are three key aspects which I have considered to be of much significance in view of the campaign strategy: budget estimations, marketing tools as well as agenda for the voters.
Agenda, Budget and Marketing
Definitely not every voter who resides in Precinct 3 will vote during the Party primaries, for obvious reasons, so the best approach is for us to focus on that cohort with a high probability of being inclined to Democratic Party. Our main focus as Team Moore should be winning the 3rd March party elections, and from the look of things, we are best-placed so far, according to online surveys ((Houston Public Media & Houston Public Media 2020; Schneider 2020). For this to be fully accomplished, we need to focus on key areas like your impact on the lives of Precinct 3 residents, as well as your agenda for the people of Precinct 3 and Harris County in general. Besides that, and most importantly, is the amount of money we need as the campaign budget and the means of getting this money and how to spend it. Currently, we do not need much campaign funds for the Primary Election, but we need to raise funds that should meet or slightly exceed the campaign budget. All well-wishers have been welcomed to donate through the official campaign website ( and the response is very promising so far. A significant percentage of these funds will be used in marketing your key agendas for the people of Precinct 3.
At the moment, delivering our agenda and message is the key objective, and for us to do this we have to maximize our campaign funds on spreading awareness. We have to rule out the possibility of using mainstream media like TVs, radio or print media (Schneider 2020). TVs are not limited to Precinct 3 area and they are significantly costly. The best solution in view of marketing your agenda is by use of social media, by filtering the audience to focus on Precinct 3 population, especially a social site like Facebook has this feature. Running several adverts on Facebook will definitely reach the intended audience and this will definitely work to our advantage (Jolly 2020). Besides social media, the ground team will be covering road shows across the entire Precinct 3 region while distributing caps, fliers and posters showing your key agenda for the people and the Party upon being elected to carry the Party’s flag and eventually winning the primary election.
Use of social media has previously been proved to be effective, both in Primary and general Elections (Jolly 2020). Since 2008, during the presidential lections, a significant number of voters acknowledged having been turned into supporting former President, Obama, using social media. Since then, Facebook has remained number one campaign tool for politicians. Therefore, I don’t see any reason why we should rule out social media awareness. The funds collected through the donation campaign should still be used wisely for the purposes of campaigning towards national elections should we become victorious in in the Primary Elections.
Campaign plan
Michael Moore campaign has really scaled quickly, creating campaign operations, political, communication and digital assets across Precinct 3 (Walter 2020). We look forward to get

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