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Nivea marketing Plan. Management Speech Presentation (Speech Presentation Sample)


This presentation is to analyse a Case Study (Nivea for men) and answer the two questions:1. "The product or service that the company or organization provides" 2. "Using the case study, put together a SWOT analysis of NIVEA's position just before the relaunch of NIVEA FOR MEN. "


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Nivea Case Study
“Very few companies can boast of a successful launch or re-launch of their products. One of those companies is Beiersdoft. Beiersdoft is the parent company that owns the Nivea brand. It was formed in Germany by a pharmacist known as Paul C. Beiersdorf. Its main product was first known as Eucerit or ‘beautiful wax’. It referred to an emulsifying agent which was gotten from the lanolin of sheep. Eucerit formed the basic component of the Nivea crème. The Nivea crème was introduced into the market in 1911 as an oil and water based crème (About Us).
A couple of decades later, particularly in 1998, the Nivea brand was introduced in the UK. As of that time, the brand boasted of 14 product categories with distribution in over 150 countries. 

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