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Speech Presentation Total Quality Management And Six Sigma (Speech Presentation Sample)


this is a topic about quality management and six sigma. the value derived from these concepts.


Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma Approaches
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Briefly Discuss Total Quality Management and Six Sigma Approaches
Total quality management (TQM) is approach is that demand that every staff needs to maintain an improved standards of work and the organizational systems that the various business process are required to meet. Therefore, TQM approaches quality from the point of conforming to the internal systems that have been developed by the firm. It is focused in maintaining the quality standards that are in place and making procedural improvements on specified quality. On the other hand, the Six Sigma is a process improvement that is seeking a continuous quality improvements. The main goal is of this approach is the focus perfecting processes and seeks to eliminate defects as much as possible (Jiménez-Jiménez et al. 2015). Therefore, Six Sigma is viewing quality as the approach of continuous improvements and eliminating defects within the process.
The key elements of these approaches are tied town to the fact that they all focus on improving product quality. In the case of TQM, its key elements include ethics and integrity, trust, training, teamwork, leadership, and communication. These elements are critical in holding together the organizational quality standards together. On the other side, the key elements of Six Sigma include customers, the processes and the employees. The customers define the nature and the level of quality that is required and its reliability. The process also define the quality perspective from the customer’s point of view. Finally, the employee also are being provided with the opportunities to provide the customers with quality services and satisfy the customer’s needs.
Six Sigma is mainly preferred mainly in processes such as, sales, marketing, research & developm...
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