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Statistics Project
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Scales of Measurement Accounting, Finance, SPSS Statistics Project (Statistics Project Sample)


determine the sales of messurement of the given data


DDBA 8307 SPSS-Descriptive Statistics
John Doe
DDBA 8307-6
Dr. Jane Doe
Scales of Measurement
Scales of measurement refers to the ways the variable of a number are demarcated and characterized. They have distinct properties which determine the appropriateness for their use in various ways in statistical analysis. There are for scales of measurements that is the nominal, ordinal ration and interval Gaito, J. (1980). A nominal scale is a form of scale that categorizes qualitative data to give them categories based on particular traits. For example, gender can be female or male. For this case, the female can be assigned 1 while male assigned 2. Ordinal scale for this matter is almost similar to the nominal scale in that is uses orderly criteria to rank data significantly and it does not use number it instead uses scales like Low, Medium, High and the likes (Abramson & Abramson 2008).
Another scale is the interval scale. With this scale, the distance or difference between two variables can be compared that is to say that the distance across numbers of the scale is equal and comparable. However, interval scale has a unique feature which is it does not bear an absolute zero. The fourth scale

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