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A Concise History of Ballet (Term Paper Sample)


Post here your 1-2 paragraph Thesis Statement on your Final Essay paper along with any works cited to date! Remember that this paper should be related to content from at least one or more chapters from your text, The Dance Experience!
Remember regarding your final essay:
Your final essay is based on your readings from the text for the class, "The Dance Experience". You must choose a chapter topic from the text and develop an opinion on the authors perspective relating the information from the class modules in order to formulate your thesis. This essay should be several paragraphs and include a thesis statement and works cited page. Choose from one or more of the following chapters from your text:
Section One: Insights into History
1. Dance in Ancient Greece – Marc Raymond Strauss, Southeast Missouri State
2. A Concise History of Ballet – Carol Pardo, Dance View Magazine
3. Modern and Contemporary Dance – Myron Howard Nadel
4. Jazz and Tap – Myron Howard Nadel
5. Dance on the Screen – Marc Raymond Strauss, Southeast Missouri State University
6. Dance in American Colleges and Universities – Thomas Hagood, Founding President NDEO
7. Dance Notation: A History - Lynne Weber, Director, Dance Notation Bureau Section Two: Insights into Culture
8. From a World Dance Perspective – Carl Wolz, formerly Executive Director World Dance Alliance
9. Dance and Cultural Meaning: An Introduction to the Anthropology of Dance - Lisa Smith, University of Texas, El Paso
10. African Dance: Divine Motion – Ferne Yangyeitie, Caulker University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
11. Piercing the Mask of Japanese Dance Theater – Helen Myers, SUNY Fredonia
12. Social Dance: A Portrait of a People at Play – Myron Howard Nadel
13. Folk Dance: Father Music, Mother Dance – Rosa Guerrero, University of Texas El Paso Section Three: Insights into Culture
14. Technique: The Craft of Dancing – Myron Howard Nadel
15. Choreography: Separating the Dancer from the Dance – Myron Howard Nadel
16. As a Fish Lives in Water, A Dancer Lives in Light – Rick Yeatman, Savannah College of Art and Design
17. Seeing Feelings: Costume Design and Dance – Catherine F. Norgren, SUNY Buffalo
18. Technical Elements in Presenting Dance – Philip K. Nacy, Southeast Missouri State University Press!


A Concise History of Ballet
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A Concise History of Ballet
For a fact, ballet had a vast influence on the culture of many European nations. The ballet steps symbolized a set of beliefs reflecting the images of the noble. Arising of ballet and its transformation is best described in the political and intellectual platforms in the last three hundred years. The dance was shaped by past events such as the cold war, Renaissance French classicism, expressionism, and modernism. Renaissance refers to the period between the 14th and 16th centuries, which was characterized by significant cultural changes in Europe. The people were creative, innovative, and also imaginative. Ballet originated from the expression of such features. A unique history of ballet happened in France, although it had initially started in the Italian noble courts.
The history is marked by an event during which the French King Henri II married Catherine de Medici in 1533. The French and Italian cultures had become

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