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Collaborative working & Service improvement Biomedical Sciences Paper (Term Paper Sample)


A term paper on the improvement of nursing service using collaborative working


Collaborative working and Service improvement
Collaborative working and Service improvement
Collaborative working or joint partnership working is a type of association between two or more professionals working together to achieve a common goal (Reeves et al., 2017). It (collaborative working) can take place either between two individuals or organisations with different or similar sets of skills or knowledge. This kind of association can also last for different spans, either short or long depending on the agreement between the involved parties until the set goals are achieved (Reeves et al. 2017). Individual employees in an organisation may not satisfy all the clients' needs either because of limited knowledge or ability; this shortcoming can be overcome by working together. Therefore employees have put their efforts together to accomplish goals and objectives (Barrow et al. 2015). In healthcare, education, social services, banking, and many other fields, employees are required to learn how to collaborate which helps in improving the quality services rendered to their clients (Barrow et al. 2015; Mannion and Davies, 2018).

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