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Genetics. Description of gene technology. Biological & Biomedical Sciences (Term Paper Sample)


Description of gene technology


Gene Therapy
Gene Therapy
Gene technology is the process of modifying the DNA to create a genetically modifies organism ("Gene Technology," 2005). The technology has been extensively used in plants, animals, and humans as well. Some of the ways gene technology has been applied are through gene therapy, personal genomic and genetically modified animals and crops. The technology has received different viewpoints from people and scientists as well. In this case, more attention will be drawn towards gene therapy. In this paper, I will analyze the biological basis of gene therapy, and I will also provide societal and ethical implications, together with my opinion in regards to this branch of gene technology.
Biological Basis
Gene therapy is the experimental technique of using gene to treat or prevent a particular disorder ("What is gene therapy?", 2018). In most cases, the technique is used to treat diseases that have no cure like some types of cancers and some viral infections as well. Gene therapy has shown significant advancements in the recent past. However, it is evident that the therapy is still quite risky because it is a concept that is still under study. Researchers are testing several approaches to gene therapy. One of them is replacing a mutated gene that may be causing a disorder and replacing is with a copy of a healthy gene ("What is gene therapy?", 2018). The other approach entails inactivating a mutated gene that may be working improperly ("What is gene therapy?", 2018). The third approach is bringing in a new gene into the body to fight a certain disease ("What is gene therapy?", 2018). In any case, gene therapy takes advantage of the biological makeup of the genes (DNA) to be precise. People in the various medical fields are using the three approaches to treat illnesses that do not have a cure like cancer.

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