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Describing The Characteristics Of A Gram Positive Bacteria (Term Paper Sample)


A term paper describing the characteristics of a gram positive bacteria.


Gram-positive bacteria
A bacterium has been isolated from a patient and identified as a gram-positive rod. Knowing that is a human pathogen, what structures would it most likely have. Explain reasons for each choice.
The pathogen has a thick multilayered organic polymer known as peptidoglycan. The macromolecule protects the bacteria’s cellular content from the external environment. It acts as an envelope surrounding the entire bacteria shielding it from a possible foreign attack. The compact structure also regulates and maintains osmotic pressure preventing osmotic lysis.It selectively allows entry of water and ions hence maintaining osmotic pressure. That’s why Penicillin has been designed to inhibit cross-linking process during peptidoglycan biosynthesis to make the bacteria susceptible to osmotic pressure . Murein also gives the bacteria its definite shape. Its rigidity defines the bacteria’s shape.
The pathogen also has a periplasmic space that’s not clearly defined. Gram-positive bacteria have an indistinct space between the cell membrane and the cell wall filled with periplasm. The periplasm contains proteins but in low concentrations and exoenzymes. The proteins may help in translocation while exoenzymes aid in catabolism.
Teichoic acid is another macromolecule found in gram-positive bacteria ‘s cell wall. The glycopolymer gives the cell a net negative charge thus generating a proton motive force. The polymer also enhances the rigidity of the cell wall definin...
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