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Principles of Investment Business & Marketing Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


This APA written term paper is about the principles of investment and other business terminologies. This was a tough write up for me because of my unfamiliarity with business and business related studies, but i still managed to finish it.
The paper explores the basics of investment, market predictions and analysis etc it also explains the benefits of investments whether in the short term or long term.
It also talks about investment guides and profit predictions which should be done before any investment venture.


Principles of Investment
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Investments are rapidly becoming the focus of the financial world today of which there are many forms of investments. This paper seeks to explore the fundamentals basics of investments. It will explore its importance and the different forms with their relationships. Furthermore, it will also explain various aspects of investments such as technical analysis, fundamental analysis, efficient market hypothesis and behavioral finance. This paper will explain how these aspects determine and help predict to a large extent the outcomes and profitability of investments. Lastly, I will explain the short term and long term benefits of investments and why one should invest wisely.
The financial world has undergone lots of changes due to globalization and technological developments. Newer schemes in the form of investments are now the norm with a lot of interest from people all over the world. What are investments? An investment is an asset or capital placed with the hope that it will generate profits or appreciates in value (Smart et al, 2017, p.32). It is the allocation of money with the hope of some benefits in the future. Most times, it is placed with a company or organisation of choice which would provide details of the investment with other particulars as regards the investment. The individual now assesses his situation and chooses what investment is best for them. There are various principles that guide investments and predict how profitable it can be and these must be followed if progress is to be made.

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