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Refurbishment and Redevelopment of the Interior (Term Paper Sample)


Refurbishment and redevelopment of the interior of the lecture hall is the main purpose of this project


Project Initiation Document
Course Name:
Submission Date
Part 1
Project Initiation Document
Project Scope
Refurbishment and redevelopment of the interior of the lecture hall is the main purpose of these project. The present interior design has been recognized as consuming lots of space that can be changed to generate more educational space. The college has found that tiered chairs will allow the classroom to house additional scholars. The design creates additional space and holds extra seats than the previous building structure. This is possible. Acoustic panels are mounted on the walls to improve the teaching experience of those attending lectures to eliminate the echo that is often encountered throughout lectures. Finally, to increase illumination, the interior of the lecture hall is repainted with a brighter color. Despite the ongoing classrooms, the project is expected to work effectively, and the project progress must not directly affect normal schooling.
Table 1. PID. Source: Hartley (2020)
Project title: Refurbishment And Renovation The Chapman Hall

Project start date: 10th October 2021 Project Finish Date: 30th March 2022

Budget Information:
The total budget is 100,000$. (25,000$ per wall x 4 walls )

Sponsor: Claire Nigel
Project manager: Tim Hill; E-mail: [email protected]

Project Objectives:
1 Renovate the walls of the hall to be used for learning
2 Painting the walls will a cooler color like cream.
3 Creation of more teaching by installing retractable seating to create more space
4 Controlling sound distortion by fitting acoustic panels.
5 Running the project without affecting the normal learning.
Commit the client to determine their project preferences. It also helps to learn how the progress of the project does not affect normal learning. The university has directed the Department of Facility Management to participate. They will therefore be a direct way for senior managers to communicate. The department will also make it easier to learn and adopt academic practices since they are aware of the risks that may arise.
Build an expert crew. This project is high-end as a project manager. We would make sure that every aspect of the project's delivery facilitates the expected quality with assistance from the facilities management department. A financial manager, an interior planner, an insight team, and construction managers will compose the project team.
Engage trained interior designers to find the most fitting hall design. We will submit a request for a proposal encouraging eligible designers to participate in the project. The hiring process is based largely on expertise and involvement with related ventures in the past.

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