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Tiffany & Co. Marketing Strategy Business & Marketing Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Tiffany & Co. Marketing Strategy


Tiffany & Co. Marketing Strategy
Student Name
Tiffany & Co.
Tiffany & Co. is an American jewelry company that has a headquarter in New York City. The firm sells; jewelry, sterling silver, china, crystal, stationery, fragrances, water bottles, watches, personal accessories, and leather goods. Jeweler Charles Lewis Tiffany established this company in 1947. The company became more famous in the 20th century under the reign of his son Louis Comfort Tiffany who was an artist and designer. Tiffany & Co. is mainly known for its sell in diamond and sterling silver jewelry. The company has been ranked as an epitome of style and taste in the whole USA because of the value attached to there design giving the customer the best expectation always.
Critical evaluation
Tiffany & Co. follow digital marketing strategies to market their products to the customers. However, this strategy can be questionable among many people CITATION Mel20 \l 1033 (Melody, n.d.). For instance, Jewelry is products that you buy once in a lifetime and are very expensive. Many people have always asked how the marketing strategy makes sense based on that. Tiffany & Co. believes that through digital with the influence of social media, the company will always win customers. Therefore, digital marketing strategy based on the major social media platforms; Instagram with 7.1 million followers, Facebook with 9.4 million followers, Twitter with 1.58 million followers, and Pinterest with 171,000 followers. The number of followers confirms how social media is a potential influencer for this company. The strategy is based on four major factors ;

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