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Diversity in Admissions Practices to Increase Enrollment (Term Paper Sample)


There has been a reduction in enrollment of learners at XYZ university. Based on the information provided on the template, what are the causes and recommendations to the management to increase enrollment?
the sample entails the causes and recommendations for XYZ University to increase enrollment


Higher Education and Policy Analysis: Diversity in Admissions Practices to Increase Enrollment
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Higher Education and Policy Analysis: Diversity in Admissions Practices to Increase Enrollment
There has been a decline in representation of peoples’ groups within XYZ University, leading to decreased enrollment of new students admitted to the university. According to the information provided by the school admission department, the number of new students admitted to XYZ university in 2019 (1975 students) is high as compared to 2020 (1500 students). The decline is calling for different alternatives to address the problem and increase the enrollment of students to the university. Some of the alternatives include: First, the school should commence recruiting the students as early as possible. Besides, the school should make use of modern technology and always email prospective students. Also, since parents play a critical role in enrolling students on the university, they should actively be involved in the college search. The school should integrate digital ads and texting into the channel mix, increasing the application and recruitment of the students. Finally, the prospective students should be engaged by designing for a mobile-first college enrollment experience.

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