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Organizations Attempts on Addressing Gender Equality in the Workplace (Term Paper Sample)


1. How does bias from co-workers or supervisors influence the willingness of mothers/fathers to utilise parental leave?
2. How does progressive parental leave policy (or lack thereof) impact on the goal of sustainability? To address this question, focus on the Triple Bottom Line framework covered in the lecture, in particular the social (people) and economic (profit) elements.
3. In light of the challenges and benefits addressed in the two questions above, what recommendations (maximum three recommendations) could you offer to organisations as to how to address gender bias and improve access of parental leave for women and men in the workplace.
Subheadings should identify each of the three sections. Only need to address the three questions identified above, i.e.,.Do not need to write an introduction or conclusion


Organization Gender Equality in the Workplace
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Organization Gender Equality in the Workplace
Influence of biasness on the willingness of mother/fathers to utilize parental leave
Different organizations have distinct policy on parental leaves. Despite the distinction, there is notable biasness in the parental leave for both men and women. In certain countries Women are considered carer who benefits from the primary parental leave such as long maternity leave and full compensations during that period. Employees inclination towards a certain gender in parental leave have a negative effects to the motivation among workers. For instance, women receive preferential advantage when it comes to the period designated for leave and the amount of compensation. On the other hand, men are cherished in the work place on number of children which comes with an increase in their earnings.

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