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Analytic Dynamic Mechanic: Bending And Torsion Forces (Term Paper Sample)



Analytic Dynamic mechanic.
Question 1. Bending and Torsion forces.
When a moment of force is applied to an object that is fixed at both sides, for example a metallic beam, it makes the object to experience bending. The moment which results in bending of objects are called the bending moment. Bending can lead to forces of compression and tensile inside the metallic beam and this makes the beam to start stretching.
Torsion forces are experienced when forces acts on the longitudinal axis of an object which eventually results in twisting of the object. The body spine for example experiences torsion force when someone twists his/her body from side to side. For instance when a person bends in a lateral direction to pick an object, in either one hand, there is bit of torsion that will be experienced on the spine. Also, when someone carries a heavy object on one his or her hand, there will be torsion force on the spinal cord. The forces of stress that result during torsion are normally complex and difficult to capture their strength and quantity. The photograph below illustrates an object experiencing a torsion force.
Question 2. Traverse shear and combine loading.
A vessel that’s specifically designed to withstand liquids and gases under a large pressure described as the pressure vessel. It can withstand...
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