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Improving Ethical Behavior and Employee Relations (Term Paper Sample)


Identify two companies to compare and contrast in terms of Employment of Choice (EOC). The companies should be similar in size based on annual revenue or number employees, but do not have to be competitors or in the same industry. Also, address the questions below in your paper.
How the companies’ EOC policies and practices create advantages or disadvantages for their sustainability and growth?
What could the companies learn from each other?
Which company would you find more attractive as a potential employee? Why?


Improving Ethical Behavior and Employee Relations
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Improving Ethical Behavior and Employee Relations
The Employers of Choice (EOC) are organizations that have exceptional leadership, values, culture, and schemes in place. These structures help the organization in attracting, holding and retaining the best talent and manpower in the industry (Bellou et al., 2015). The two organizations that I selected for the Employers of Choice are International Business Machines (IBM) and Toyota. International Business Machines has a worker base of 377,700, and Toyota has an employee base of 346, 200. Therefore, both organizations are equivalent in size on the basis of the number of workers (Bellou et al., 2015). The essay will discuss how the two companies` EOC policies and practices establish advantages or disadvantages for their sustainability and growth and what the companies can learn from each other.
EOC Policies and Practices
In the contemporary world, businesses are experiencing intense pressure to reform and enhance the related practices of the stakeholders. These practices have an impact on the stakeholders and the natural setting on their ways of managing the responsibilities. The pressure of managing the responsibilities is obtained from three main sources. The various primary stakeholders for IBM and Toyota are the business owners, employers, customers, and suppliers (Tanwar & Kumar,2019). The secondary stakeholders are the non-governmental organizations, government bodies, overall societal trends and institutional forces. 
IBM and Toyota use the Employers of Choice (EOC) as the representative of a new design of the corporate culture. It is the data in which individuals will choose to work for the two companies. EOC implies that individuals will choose to dedicate themselves to the success of the organizations (Bellou et al., 2015). Most importantly, the Employers of Choice helps people to opt to stay with irregular after being courted by the recruiters of other employers.
In IBM and Toyota, the Employers of Choice (EOC) has several advantages to the employees. It helps them to optimize performance because high-quality individuals are put on board. It also increases productivity because the companies are able to hire the employees who they want. 
EOC employees also get the option of choosing to work and stay in the organization. Also, the EOC workers also get enhanced loyalty, which subsequently results in stronger relationships, dedication to the quality of performance, production, and service quality (Bellou et al., 2015). The employees also enjoy less stress and have more fun when working in an organization.
The Employers of Choice policy for IBM is based on the key principles of capability, climate, and culture. It also follows a rigorous skill development approach for the employees. The organization offers a challenging work environment for the workers, and it uses a culture that is sensitive to the international task force. The benefit of this system is that it enables IBM to drive sustainability and growth by attracting the best talent in the organization.
 International Business Machines is a service provider, and it gains its revenue from the services and consultancy in Information Technology (IT) field. Therefore, growth and sustainability are directly linked to its ability to attract the best talent. The disadvantage of this policy is that it emphasizes on bringing the taskforce diversity, and this slows down the pace of future development (Bellou et al., 2015). This occurs because the merits are compromised, and the variety is promoted at the expense of the organization`s value. 
In Toyota company, the Employers of Choice policy is based on variety, and this is viewed as a key business practice for the organization. The organization conducts internal and external hiring based on diversity (Othman & Naintin, 2016). In Toyota, the invention orientation is high for the workers, and the organization offers evocative rewards for the employees. 
The EOC policies of Toyota establish a situation of benefits for the employees because innovation orientation enables the employees to increase their wo

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