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Thinking of a Theoretical Framework (Term Paper Sample)


The paper focuses the importance of having a precise theoretical framework in research.


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A theoretical framework, in my argument, is the first milestone in the writing of the literature review in any research. It is inevitable for a literature review to include the theoretical framework in its formulation. As stated, a theoretical framework presents the relationship between the independent variables and the dependent ones. The relationship is a core as the literature review gives the argument with relevant comparisons and contrasts. The literature review part shows the extent to which the dependent variables are affected by the independent variables. In this instance, the dependent variable is the students' success whereas the independent variable is the types of educational practices applied in the classroom in the learning process for the students (O'Quinn & Corry, 2002).
In the research paper, in question here, the students' success is dependent on the methodologies in which technology is incorporated into the education system, especially when it comes to distance learning (O'Quinn & Corry, 2002). In the literature review, the researchers are keen to note that technology can be advantageous and equally disadvantageous when it is incorporated in learning activities; the determinant is the correct choice of what technology to use where(O'Quinn & Corry, 2002). The research seeks to find out the relationship between technological advancement and students' success in their education. The research embarks on describing the process through which technological needs have culminated into educational needs (O'Quinn & Corry, 2002).
The research paper acknowledges the increase in enrollments in colleges and universities, as employees get back to school to add onto their skills by familiarizing with technology, all in a bid to secure high paying job positions (O'Quinn & Corry, 2002). This has triggered the question as to the how effective the faculty, narrowed down from the school, is in the dispensation of its educational services to distance learners with the incorporation of technology in the education system. The relationship between the students' success and technology is established. The faculty gives its take on the hindrances present in distant learning, with relation to technology as the main independent variable (O'Quinn & Corry, 2002). The discussion evinces that, from the responses given, distance learning is not very efficient and not many players in the faculty are willing to take up the exercise (O'Quinn & Corry, 2002).
The classroom faculty bases its massive rejection of distance learning on loads of work there are to handle. The relationship between distance learning (the independent variable) with the participants' (the dependent variable) success is negative, if the research is held viable. The research ...
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