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BSN Community Health Nursing Assessment (Term Paper Sample)


Preparation of nursing assessment guide for BSN community health nursing


BSN Community Health Nursing Assessment
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Various principles guide a tutor in preparation for assessment in nursing education. While the primary goal of the tutor is to evaluate student competency in the unit, the tutor's goal is to ensure that the student nurse understands the concepts and processes involved in community nursing practice. The Role of the BSN Nurse in Promoting Community Health course has three major modules, which include Introduction to the Background of Community Health Nursing, Introduction to Epidemiology, and Introduction to Community Healthcare Systems. The assessment of these modules followed formative assessment, summative objective assessment, and summative performance-based assessment.
The principle of timely feedback to promote learning and facilitate improvement guided the decision of planning of a formative assessment procedure for the introduction to community health nursing module. The assessment procedure involved students participating in online classroom polls and discussions. According to Dennison, Rosselli, and Dempsey (2014), formative assessment helps in acknowledging students' strengths, identifying the areas for improvement, and facilitating the change of learning strategies to improve student outcomes. This approach informed the decision to develop a formative assessment that will provide timely feedback to promote student learning outcomes.
The principle of the validity of the assessment played a crucial role in planning the introduction to epidemiology module. While developing the essay question, the topics of the epidemiology module that were covered were considered. This was to ensure that the students were evaluated in a context that has been covered in class. The significance of validity ensures that the assessment effectively measures the intended module objectives and student learning outcomes at the appropriate levels (Bristol & Brett, 2015).
The principle of inclusivity and equitability informed the decisions in planning the performance based assessment for the introduction to the healthcare systems module. This ensured that the assessment questions and administration procedures did not disadvantage any individual student in any manner (Dennison et al. 2014). This approach played a crucial role in ensuring that academic standards are not compromised in any way.
The administration of module assessment in an online environment sometimes presents barriers that may impact the assessment process. The tutor should be prepared for these barriers and have a plan of addressing them to minimize their impact on the assessment. The formative assessment process for the module occurs after the class session and is presented online to measure the student progress learning in the module. This assessment does not require students to be at the college resource center, which poses a barrier to the validity of the student activities while participating in the classroom poll (O’Doherty et al. 2018). To overcome this barrier, the faculty will invest in software that will bar the student from navigating from the test window once they start the assessment. In the summative performance assessment, skills deficit in the use of a computer and typing is one potential barrier to the assessment. The student will have to develop the essay by reviewing scholarly materials available this will require the student to have typing and computer use skills to effectively conduct this. The faculty will ensure that the students are equipped with necessary computer use skills, especially typing, to overcome this barrier. In the summative objective assessment, the potential barriers would be ensuring that the students' laptops are working perfectly before the assessment is administered. Besides, the tutor would face the challenge of monitoring student activities during the assessment. To overcome this challenge, the faculty will invest in software that will not allow the students to navigate from the test window until they submit their assessment answers. Additionally, the questions will appear randomly on the assessment interface. This will ensure that no particular student will be attempting a similar problem to their classmates (O’Doherty et al., 2018)

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