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Diabetes Dashboard Metrics Evaluation (Term Paper Sample)


Dashboard Metrics Evaluation
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Dashboard Metrics Evaluation
Healthcare institutions' care outcomes continuously assess their data to promote patient safety and ensure quality and safe patient outcomes. Health dashboards help institutions evaluate their data and also asses their performance against nationally and locally set standards. This essay focuses on the diabetes dashboards for Mercy Medical Center. The institution is Villa Health Affiliated due to its outstanding performance in various fields over the years. The essay will also evaluate the data based on set policies and existing benchmarks, the consequences of not meeting these benchmarks, and ethical interventions to improve the underperforming benchmarks.
Hospital Dashboard Metrics Evaluation
The hospital serves all populations, from reproductive health patients, emergency and critical care, and theatre, to outpatient care services. The institution serves over 20000 individuals. The population is spread across all ages, with the highest being individuals between ages 21-44 (14732) and the lowest being adults above 65 (2371). Whites (28537) are the largest population served by the institution, and interracial form the minority group (1016). Among the 36192 individuals served by the institution, 17957 are male, and 18235 are female.
The dashboard at the healthcare facility is evaluated quarterly, and the performance is assessed based on the 

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