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Improving Mental Health Care Access of African American Adults (Term Paper Sample)


For this task, the learners were to discuss the mental health care access of African American adults. The specific headings of the paper were given as follows:
Introduction, Unmet Needs, Mission, Vision, and Values, Historical Analysis and Forecasting, Initial Vision and Economic and Social Factors.


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Improving Mental Health Care Access of African American Adults
Student’s name
Poverty is a common social aspect among African Americans that has significantly contributed to the ever-growing number of psychological disorders over the years. The trends indicate that those living below poverty levels are three times more likely to suffer mental distress. Also, young and middle-aged adults are caught up in the crisis considering the resulting in an increasingly high number of suicides.
Unmet Needs
African American are prevalent to mental health conditions like any other group. However, this group experiences the most severe form of mental health conditions as a result of numerous unmet needs and other barriers that limit them. Research indicates that Africa American are at 20% higher risks of experiencing severe mental health problems compared to the general population with the most common disorders being Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Major depression, Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) resulting from violent crime and Suicide which is very common among young African American men CITATION Lou16 \l 1033 (Follins & Lassiter, 2016). In addition, they are also exposed to numerous factors and unmet needs that increase the risks of developing mental health issues such as exposure to violence that can lead to depression, and post-traumatic stress, homelessness as about 405 of African American are homeless.
Most adult African Americans have endured struggles for even the most basic needs from childhood that involves the immediate family members. For instance, violence, discrimination, drug abuse lack of shelter, broken families, and divorce, among others. By the time they mature to adulthood, they are overwhelmed and succumb to different mental disorders. Besides, they lack efficient and sufficient access to healthcare that deteriorates the situations. Different circumstances and reasons prevent most African Americans adults from seeking and receiving quality care and treatment CITATION Ezr19 \l 1033 (Griffith, Jones, Stewart, & Publishing, 2019). Most people misunderstand or lack information regarding mental health besides being unable to access quality mental health services. Most African Americans fail to seek mental health care due to socioeconomic factors that limit treatment options as they lack health insurance. However, The Affordable Care Act has improved treatment availability. Also, they have historically suffered discrimination and prejudice in the healthcare system and inadequate treatment and misdiagnosis that have resulted in distrust CITATION She18 \l 1033 (Shepherd, et al., 2018).
Mission, Vision, and Values
Adult African Americans are affected mainly by economic and social stressors that significantly increase the risks of developing mental disorders. It is therefore essential to understand mental health and the available treatment options, and possible barriers to treatment for adults who have undergone a varying degree of challenges and suffering in their lifetime. The mission is to ensure quality and accessible mental healthcare for all minority groups and particularly adults of color. The vision is to have equality in access to mental healthcare with core values being respect to life, fairness, diligence, and service to humanity.

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