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Nursing Care Needs of Dying Children (Term Paper Sample)


This task was about reading two books written by two different authors and determining what their argument is about the nursing care needs of dying children.
After reading and internalizing, I was expected to give my own view and opinion regarding how I would handle the needs of a dying child. This involved showcasing the ethical aspect, communication, counseling, and core nursing principles in providing services to children who are at the final stages of their lives.


Nursing Care Needs of Dying Children
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Nursing Care Needs of Dying Children
Hockenberry is such a prolific author who has shown a great deal of knowledge in understanding issues surrounding nursing care and the pre-determined needs associated with dying children. According to his book, a dying child is a young person who has been hospitalized for a relatively long period of time due to terminal illness. There are a number of steps which a nursing professional is expected to follow in order to ensure the life of a terminally ill child is prolonged. Prolonging of life can only be done by providing the best possible care. Hockenberry, also, points out that there are many factors that leads to deaths among children and with such an idea, nursing as a professional should be aware of such factors. The later factors includes developmental, technological, medical and the dynamism of social patterns. Palliative care is one crucial procedure that nurses should make it priority. In that case a nursing professional should be in a position to design the best palliative care for dying children which begins immediately after the diagnosis has been done. They should also be able to evaluate other general care procedures in order to alleviate children’s’ physical, social and psychological distress.
On the other hand, the journal of pediatric nursing, by Melin-Johansson et al, (2014); which is a review by Melin et al; supports the knowledge associated with nursing and parental palliative care towards dying children. Through this article, it is clear that the nursing professional need a relevant education to enable them to deliver high-quality pediatric palliative care. The analysis of 

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