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G-Protein Receptors: What Stimulates Sympathetic Autonomy Receptor? (Term Paper Sample)


Answer the question about what stimulates sympathetic autonomy receptor.


The process by which stimulation of sympathetic autonomic receptor elicits a response is by co-activation of G-protein receptors using sulfhydryl groups to produce intracellular secondary messengers. Sympathetic receptors are comprised of alpha receptors which are located on the arteries, beta 1 and beta 2. The function of the autonomic receptor is to act as an on and off button to control the various sympathetic effects which occur on the body. Excessive use of drugs can over-stimulate the sympathetic receptor hence causing high blood pressure, dysrhythmias and hyperthermia to the body of an organism and lastly the organism is at high risk of death.
Integration in the individual cell can be as a result of G-proteins receptors which act as an important pathway for the demands of an organism which is multicellular. Sympathetic autonomic receptor deals with fight and flight as it binds itself to adrenergic receptor and its stimulated incases of danger. Its stimulation leads to reduction in digestion process which increases the breakdown of fats muscles to provide energy as well as increased blood

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