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Three Pieces of Legislation Important in Defining the Rights of Management and Unions (Term Paper Sample)


Imagine: you are the Human Resources Manager, and you are asked to create a presentation on this topic.
Explain the three pieces of legislation that have been most important in defining the rights of management and unions.
• What is a union and why do they exist?
• Explain the three pieces of legislation that have been most important in defining the rights of management and unions.
• What is the process for establishing a union as the legal collective bargaining representative for employees?


Unit 9 Discussion
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A union is any form of an organization that serves as an intermediary between businesses and workers. According to Tait (2016), unions airs grievances for workers to management. Also, associations advocate for collective bargaining, by putting in place principles that establish the best terms and standards for work.
The three pieces of legislation that define unions and management's rights are Landrum -Griffin Act, the Norris -LaGuardia Act, and Taft-Hartley Act. According to U.S. Department of Labour (2019) the Norris-LaGuardia Act is one of the labour laws in the US that supports the organized labour unions and provides victory to the labour reforms in the nation. The legislation has deterred use of court 

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