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How did the Great Depression help fuel the rise of Totalitarianism in Europe? (Term Paper Sample)


How did the Great Depression help fuel the rise of Totalitarianism in Europe?


How did the Great Depression help fuel the rise of Totalitarianism in Europe?
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How did the Great Depression help fuel the rise of Totalitarianism in Europe?
Great depression impacted on the economic and political factors of different countries. America remained to be greatly impacted on its economic status since it was slow. The economy of United States collapsed and this was brought about by change in prices of commodities that made the Americans to spend more to get commodities. The great depression increased for a long time on the basis of having trade policies of different nations. In 1932, over 30 million individuals got unemployed and this showed how nations were struggling economically (Robbins, 2011). The imported products tariffs were increased for the nations to curb the menace of increased cost of living. The great depression issue had a lot of economic uncertainties and this lead to raise of concern on the political consequences. The military groups of different nations were arranged and this led to civil war that in triggered political decisions. Military dictatorship was one of the most fatal response for depression and this was majorly used in Central America and Argentina. The effect was seen on Western industries since its raw material cut down sharply. The prices of cotton, coffee, tin, and rubber decreased up to 40 percent. The transportation industry for commodities became very vital and this led to rise in fuel prices. The rise in prices of agricultural commodity and raw material led to hiked prices of fuel that increased totalitarianism (Robbins, 2011).
Political movements and civil wars were in triggered by the Great Depression and these led to enactment of Platt Amendment. The amendment was passed in 1901 for army Appropriations. The contents of the bill were on the 7 conditions on why United States were withdrawing from Cuba. The war was between the Americans and Spanish armies. The other condition added on the Platt Amendment was that of Cuba accepting on the seven conditions stipulated by United States (Burns, 2018). The conditions of the Platt Amendment were based on Cuba not in a position to transfer land unless there is involvement of United States. The right of Cuba in negotiation for treaties was under control. The constitution of Cuba contained the articles on negotiation deal and this brought independence of Cuba in 1902. Depression had an impact in creating conditions between Cuba and America and this in triggered war and alliances. Notably, the issue of totalitarianism is shown back by how America maintained two armies in Cuba in 1906 and 1912. The presence of U.S army in Cuba brought use of power on the conditions provided and this called for development of foreign policy.
Notably, Platt Amendment matters on the basis of providing Cuba to be republic in 1902. The army troops for United States were withdrawn from Cuba and this gave Cuba a peaceful time for its interdependence. Platt Amendment at some time had political consequences on Cuba since its interdependence was determined by United States. The amendment in 1912 was determined by Cuba to be infringing on their sovereignty. There were amendments that were done through Good Neighbor condition that provided provisions in the event of naval base. The amendment was significant since it built a relationship between two nations and thus boosted on their foreign policies. Good Neighbor Conditions provide a platform for two nations differing from depression to make good decisions in the future.
Totalitarian was depicted in Italy and various nations followed the suit. The individuals accepted on the nations’ promises on strong gain and help all the people. Citizens at this time were in the middle of suffering from depression of economic issues. At this time of depression, many democracies in the globe were slow and thus there was need for stronger leadership. The totalitarian governments utilized principles for controlling its citizens and maintaining of absolute power. Fascism rose in Europe due to many individuals who lost their faith on the democratic governments. People favored on extreme way of government on control and solving of issues. Fascism was a militant movement that dwelt with loyalty and obedience to the state and its leaders. The problems of World War II were sparred by the depression and use of totalitarian governments. Individuals felt the war was of no help and thus inflatio

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